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Ejaz    اعجاز
To do something which others can not do.
Elijah    علیجاہ
Beautyful,sweet, smart,Loving


Hi friends,


Plz....plz tell me wht is the meaning of Shahniat.


Thnks..take care



My Sister suggested the name of my little daughter "Minahil". I understand that this is an arabiic word but we don't know its meaning. It is requested to kindly expedite the meaning of word Minahil according t

can anyone tell me the meaning of name AIZA or AIZAH. I have searched many places where it is mentioned that it was the name of Hazrat Ali (AS) daughter but this is not authentic as per my knowledge. Please share the meaning if you know it on

Salam Alaikum,


Where did you find meaning of Aiza or Aizah as name of Hazrat Ali (AS) daughter.  Can you kindly send me reference or link.  BTW did you find out the meaning of this name.




Salam Alaikum,


Can any one tell me the meaing of Aaiza or Aiza and its origin (meaning is it urdu/arabic/persian etc) name.

I found something related to Aaiza as an Australian name, and that is weared to know.  I know lot of people in Pakistan have this name but it caught my attention as it is very pleasing to hear.

Can anyone submit the link to the site or reference if you can find the name, its meaning and origin.  would really appreciate your reply.  You can email me on




assalamu alaikum all

   pls anyone tell me meaning of shahija and farheen...plssssssssssss


Can anyone pls let me know the meaning of Shezaan,Abra & Rushda.



I wanted to know the name of shius. Does anyone know if the name is arabic and the meaning and origine of this name. Also the correct pronounciation in arabic.

kind regards


Kindly tell me meaning of LAVIZA.



Syed Akbar

salam aleikum i want to know the meaning of ahlam.