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Ibrahim    ابراھیم
Name of the well known prophet of Allah, and name of Hazrat Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) son.
Idress    ادریس
Name of a well known Messenger of Allah
Ieethaar    ایثار
(Isaar), Sacrifice, selflessness.
Iffat    عفت
Purity, chastity, modesty, decency, virtue, abstinence, continence.
Iftikhaar    افتخار
To be proud of.
Ihsaan    احسان
Doing good, beneficence, kindness, favour.
Ihtiraam    احترام
Honor, veneration, treating with respect, holding in veneration, act of honoring, reverence.
Ihtishaam    احتشام
Having many followers or dependents, magnificence.
Ikhlaas    اخلاص
Sincerity, purity, love, tenderness, pure friendship, great affection, selfless adoration or worship.
Ikraam    اکرام
Honoring, treating with attention, and ceremony, esteem, veneration, respect, deference, kindness, favour.
Iltifaat    التفات
Regard, attention, kindness, courtesy, consideration, friendship, inclination.
Ilyas    الیاس
Name of a prophet of Allah Almighty, and name of a great scholar and saint who was the founder of Tablighi Jamaat.
Imaad    عماد
Foundation, pillar.
Imam    امام
Spiritual or religious leader (of Muslims).
Imran    عمران
Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle and known as Imran ibn Husain(RA).
Imtiyaaz    امتیاز
Discernment, preeminence, distinction, Preference.
Inaam    انعام
A present , gift, prize, gratuity, reward, favour, grant..
Inayat    عنایت
Favour, bounty, kindness, support, care, gift, present.
Intezaar    انتظار
To wait.
Intikhaab    انتخاب
Selection, to choose.

1-20 of 39


Please somebody tell me if this is a female Muslim name. If it is, tell me the meaning as well. Thanks brothers and sisters in Islam.

I need to know the meaning & correct spelling of below name.

Pls advs.


could you please spell this name in URDU

Pls spell above name & meaning in English.


HI, Yeakub,
I think its spell. problem, I found two names,
1). MUTASIM..........Kept away from sin; name of Khalifah
2). MO'TASIM.........Handsome


Where do i ask the urdu writing of the name IZYAN.

Can some body help me please.
i really appreciate your help.please do it as soon as possible.

Thanks a lot

eid mubarak to all of you

IZYAN (MALE) = Intelligent, wise
and with "ALIF"

Please tell me "ZYNA" , is this a muslim name and what is the meaning of this name.Reply me at

can any one plz tll me the meaning of the name aaiza ...or its correct meanings plzplzplz............


I really appreciate if you could ASAP the urdu spelling of IZYAN.

thanks a lot
Jazakallah Khair