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1261    whet (Noun)
سان۔ دھار
اشتعال۔ چھیڑ۔ تحریک۔ بھوک لگانے والی چیز۔ مشتہی
1262    laudanum (Noun)
افیون کاست۔ افیم کا دودھ
1263    bareheaded (adjective)
ننگے سر ۔ سر کھلے ۔ مونڈ بکھیرے یا پھکارے
1264    elysian (adjective)
بہشتی۔ نہایت آرام دہ۔ فرحت انگیز۔ دل پسند۔ راحت بخش۔ جنتی
    This life of mortal breath
    Is but the suburb of the life elysian
ایک بسیرا ہے عمر فانی تو چلنا آگے ہے جاودانی کو F.C.
1265    personally (adverb)
    1. in person
بذات۔ اصالتاً۔ آپ۔ خود۔ بنفسہ۔ بذات خود۔ ذاتی طور پر
    2. individually
بذات خاص۔ اپنی ذات سے
1266    side-box (Noun)
ناچ گھر میں ایک علیحدہ بیٹھک۔ (بغلی نشت گاہ)
1267    ischury (Noun)
موتر روک۔ حبس البول
1268    antitheist (Noun)
خدا کا منکر ۔ دہریہ ۔ کافر
1269    fraudulency (adjective)
حیلہ بازی۔ دغا بازی۔ مکاری۔ فریب دہی
1270    ocean (Noun)
    1. the main
بحر۔ محیط۔ ساگر۔ سمندر۔ امبدھ
    2. an immense expanse
اتھاہ یا اگم جگہ۔ بحر ناپیدا کنار۔ بحر اعظم۔ بحر ذخار



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I want urdu to urdu Dictionary. Pls tell me the name , I am a studen of 11 class, pls reply the answer

I do not know any Urdu to Urdu Dictionary on web, but I know a Dictionay as a book. It's name is "Feroz-ul-Lughaat", published by Feroz Sons in Pakistan. I do not know if it is available anywhere outside Pakistan.

i don't know abt urdu to urdu dictionary if u know so tell me plz

hi my name is tanveer ahmad hai.mujhy urduseek ky dictionary main exomiltie ka matlab nahi melta. ager app mere madad ker sukty ho to mujhy batao

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any one can tell me the urdu proverb web site i shall appricate his or her efferts

its really a good website infact excellent.Actually sir i m the student of bcs(final year).and nowadays i m working on my final year project which is english to urdu will u plz guide me how i can develop the dictionary just like ur dictionary and will it be better to develop the dictionary in access? if yes then how i can write urdu in access?
sir kindly give me ur few minutes and guide me.

You can use any type of windows version. Even Windows 98 or Windows 95 will help in your case. You just have to install URDU FONTS in your computer.

To Install new fonts you have to go to Control Panel and then Fonts icon,

Hope this helps

hijab shafique.. it is very eassy to make dictionary in access but if you are using Win 98 then it will not to do so ... In order to enter Urdu charactrist font in Access you will be install urdu lang in operating system supporting Win 2000-,xp.. then it will be possible to make dictionary. I am also making a urdu dictionary. for further details you will contact me at my E-mail.
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