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1271    cheval glass (Noun)
بڑا آئینہ
1272    slope (verb)
ئھلواں کرنا۔ جھکنا۔ جھکانا۔ ترچھا کرنا۔
1273    miscorrect (verb active)
غلط اصلاح دینا
1274    scirrhosity (Noun)
گلٹی۔ غدود، گانٹھ
1275    studied (adjective)
مطالعہ کیا ہوا۔خوب سوچا سمجھا۔
فاضل۔ خواندہ۔ عالم۔ بدیاوان۔
1276    travel (Noun)
    1. a journey
سفر۔ مسافرت۔ سیاحت۔ جاترا
    2. (pl.)
سفر نامہ
1277    sandy (adjective)
    1. full of sand
ریتیلا۔ بالو کا۔ کرکرا(ریگ آلود، ریگ زار)
    2. of the colour of sand
ریگی۔ بالو کے رنگ کا
1278    front (verb active)
    1. oppose directly
سامنا کرنا۔ مقابلہ کرنا۔ مخالفت کرنا
    2. stand opposite
مقابل ہونا۔ سامنے ہونا۔ محاذی ہونا
1279    tepid (adjective)
نیم گرم۔ شیر گرم۔ گنگنا۔ سیل گرم۔ کنکنا۔ سسم
1280    barley-cake (Noun)
جو کی روٹی



Salam to every one i am looking for the web site which can have proverbs from english to urdu and urdu to english. if any one know about this site please tell me i am very thankful to him.

yeh site bohat achi hai aur bohat madad miltee hai humein but humein aik lafz ka matlab nahi pata chal raha bata dijiye plz
lafz hai "euphoria"
Allah hafiz

'euphoria' means a sense of elation. yaa beh panah khoshi.

euphoria=== A feeling of great happiness or well-being.

good but not so good b/c whenever i write a word for meaning u said not not matching

I find as an informative side. But there is need to improve and update it. I really like it. Thanks.

app ki web site mujhay buhat achee lagee hay lakin main ajj first time yahan ka visite ker rahy hon mujhay apnay nam ka matlab nahin pata hay kahin kuch likha hay kahin kuch plz mujha ymeray nam ki sahee meaning bata dain app ki mehar bani hogi
mera nam SHABANA hay
thanx alot

One meaning of Shabana, the obvious one, as has already been mentioned, is ShabanaRoz; but I wonder if another meaning, with some variation, is more approriate for a name: Shobaah meaning Splendour and Grace and Shobaana is an affectionte variation of this.
Best Wishes

I read your comments. and reply your acked quistion which you worry about your name's meaning your name is Shabana right. So the meaning of your name is "Sham (Evening)" like you say "Shabana Rooz" means "Subha wa Sham".
I think you understand what i am saying.
S. Abid Ali

The name of Shabana, begining & concerning to Shabnam, it mean should sounds like: Subah Ki Shabnam, Oos, Shabnami etc..