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25 Sep 2005


Submitted by Prince Of Dhump

The titular spymaster Ali Imran is a man in his twenties (27 to be precise) who is the chief of the “Secret Service” (an organization which is dedicated to protect the country from spies and criminals belonging to other countries). He is known to his subordinates in his organization as X-2. Although, they are not aware that Imran is X-2. No one has ever seen X-2, since he rarely appears in front of them and when he appears he is wearing a black mask and black tight clothes that completely obscures his face, and being an expert at changing identities, he also completely changes his voice before addressing them. The rest of the time X-2 either contacts his subordinates through transmitter or telephone. Imran also happens to be the only son of the Director General of the Police, Mr. Rehman. Imran was appointed by and reports directly to the Defense Minister, who is the only government official other than the Prime minister, who is one of the only three persons aware of Imran's true identity as X-2

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