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26 Nov 2006

My name is Sahira...i would really appreciate ur efforts if u help
me in solving my problem...many people say that the meaning of my name is not nice...they say it means a black magician,a witch or a wizard...whenever i tell my name to any one they make a strange face and ask me in amazement WHAT DOES THAT MEAN??? im fed up of explaining them the meaning of my name n by telling them why would my parents name me something bad...many ppl have suggested me to change my name but the prob is i dont wanna change my name at any cost...on the contrary many ppl admire my name tooo n they say it is related to nature or it means something beautiful...after a lot of surfing i found a good meaning on this site which means (Saahirah ساھرة Earth, moon, a spring which flows constantly).But, again the prob is that ,in arabic i write my name same as written on this site but in english my spelling is not as wht i see on this site...does that make any difference...shud i really change my name?????

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