23 Sep 2005

A Call for peace promotion....english translation from urdu

Submitted by drshahi

A Call for peace promotion
Slam,Would you work me for promotion of this book on behalf of world peace
promotion ??
Hi there,
I am Dr. Shahid Amin and I am ent surgeon from Gujranwala, Pakistan. I have
written and self published urdu novel
"Tuloo-e-Amn" (the rise of peace..of 272pages). The novel is in local Paki market. I
want to publish it in english after getting its english translation for
international market as it keeps very burning issues. Please see some intro
of nove on this page http://www.drshahid.com.pk/novel.htm

The Novel has been written in backgrounds of recent political and
international burning anti terrorisms, computer sciences, action, thrill,
adventure, fiction. The Novel's central plot encircles current International
political, social and anti Peace world over conditions.
At the end of novel the world's all nations begin to live peacefully and pay
regards to each other irrelevant to religious attachments, territorial
limitations and racial limitations.
The main point is novel is to destroy all anti peace forces of world and to
covert this world into peace world.
And I have also tried to combine and make this world as all one as one body
and to finish the ongoing differences between Islamic and non Islamic
communities of world which is very dangerous for peace of world.
In order to prevent any personal criticism and to avoid personal blaming, I
have put all characters and country names as dummy and factitious in this
novel. Also in the end, all nations make agreement that no one will
interfere to other country's internal affairs, and also developed countries
will help developing countries. The nations decide that all army forces will
be finished, all intelligence agencies will be finished for ever and
permanently and all visa limitations will also be finished so that any
person from any country can go to any other country freely.

Would you help me for its English translation..??

Its fiction,adventure action based novel. I can't afford too much as I am selfpublisher of my novel and already spent a lot.

Would you work me for promotion of this book on behalf of world peace
promotion ??

DR. Hafiz Shahid Amin ( MBBS,DCA,DLO )
ENT surgeon,
Gujranwala, Pakistan,
Author and self publisher of Urdu Novel "Tuloo-e-Amn" ( the rise of
Hashir Publishers