27 Oct 2005

Imran Series

Submitted by shahpar86

Dear Prince and others,

I hope that my comment will not be deleted. I am sorry to say that I don't know Ibne Safi. All of you seem to be the fans of Ibne Safi and praise his writing style. But I don't agree with you, Ibne Safi is not better than Mazhar Kaleem M.A.

I don't know who started writing Imran Series first, but I prefer Mazhar Kaleem on Ibne Safi. If you don't know Mazhar Kaleem, I introduce him. He is a lawyer and DJ of Pakistan Radio in Multan. His famous Imran Series is popular all over the country. Mazhar Kaleem is his pen name (I have forgotten his real name). There is another writer M-A-Rahat who also writes Imran Series novels, but Mazhar Kaleem writes better than all. I have just read about Ibne Safi, I don't know who he is, but his writing style is quite childish. The sense of humour of Mazhar Kaleem and ability to create interesting situations is better than every other Imran Series writer. His novels contain more morality and Social values. I am reading him since 1995 and he is writing (perhaps) since twnety or thirty years. I have seen his novels everywhere and only heard his Imran Series. Is there anyone who read Mazhar Kaleem?

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Qadeer Ahmad Rana
shahpar86 [at] gmail [dot] com