2 Dec 2008

what is true love?

Submitted by hussein

what is true love?


Dear Readers.

What is true love? Is there such thing as true love? I would like your views on this topic please.

What would you do if you were in a realationship for over 1 year and then you find out the the girl you love cheated on you.
What would you do if you found out she is chatting to other boys and talking to them on the phone? After giving your love, trust, honestly, your kasam that you would never leave her and never hurt her feelings and then behind your back she does all this and hurts your feelings. What name would you give to this reationship? What would you do if you gave your kasam that you will never leave her and will always love her. Would you break your kasam? Is it easy to forget all this and move on? Its never been easy for me i must say. What would you do if she told you your old jaan is dead!!!
What would you do if you know she lies to you and laughs at you.
All them months how can a person forget all that??
What would you do if she makes you cry every day?
How can a person change and become a heartless person and not caring about your feelings and your realtionship. All the god times and bad times that we shared. What kind of world are we living in?
After all this how can i trust her when she still tells me she loves me. I have always thought about her first and then about me and the rest. There is a saying "love can bring happiness but can also hurt" Thats whats happen to me. Pain pain and pain.
Readers i would like your veiws on this please . Could you email me on tennis4u@hotmail.co.uk

What name would you give to this realtionship? What would be your next step?

Thanks for reading
Allah hafiz