2 Jan 2006


Submitted by kamranzarrar

Click for Charity: Pakistan Earthquake Appeal
Simplyislam.com will donate £0.10 / US$0.17
to Muslim Hands for every visitor click.
Click the button opposite - No payment is requested from yourself
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**UPDATE**: We have recieved a number of enquiries from people who are not clear about the mechanism of this appeal. Simplyislam has an advertising budget which is usually spent with newspapers, magazines or other websites etc. These funds we have decided to allocate to the appeal whilst still increasing awareness of our site and all we have to offer. We feel it is a win - win situation and hope that other companies will also follow our lead, inshallah. Please note this public donation is over and above of what we have donated privately.

A powerful earthquake measuring over 7.6 hit the Kashmir region at 03:50 GMT, with the epicentre 100 miles north-east of Islamabad, Pakistan. Entire villages in many rural parts have been wiped out by the earthquake and many large buildings have collapsed in larger towns and cities.

Frantic rescue efforts continue as the number of dead from South Asia's massive earthquake nears 75,000, most of them in Pakistan. The death toll is expected to rise as rescue workers reach isolated areas. Immediate priorities are rescuing and treating the injured and other survivors, and providing basic necessities to prevent further death and illness from secondary causes.
Please forward a link to this page to all your email contacts and post the address on your web site or blog. The more people who click on the button, the more money we will be able to donate. Only one click per visitor will be recorded in any 24 hour period. Please note that no personal details will be collected.