29 Mar 2006

they lady who wanted to learn urdu and hindi poetry

Submitted by jyesj

Actually urdu and hindi are very close as far as speaking is concerned. But the script are entirely different. urdu is writtien in arabic or persian script while hindi is written in deonagri. Actually I want to make it clear that you do not get confused b/w urdu and hindi. In india with a little change urdu is the language of speaking while in pakistan it is completly spoken and read with persian script. It is advisable if you are interested in learning urdu/hindi try pakistani institues. All the historical poetry is said in urdu not hindi. there is alphabet "ghain" also in arabic it is not available in hindi script so the poetry of urdu poets ghalib and mir have been defaced using hindi script. But urdu/hindi is popular in arab world because of indian movies where they use origional urdu and very few hindi words. this is the reason people relate urdu with india. anyway there are many institutes in india for pure urdu.