6 Apr 2006

Looking for Imran series and Faridi novels

Submitted by Leo Texas

hey all,
I am a very big fan and an addict of Ibne safi novels. I have read every novel of ibne safi when i was in college in Karachi, but since i moved to Texas in late 90's I don't have access to anyone of them. Could anyone please tell me where can i get these novels or from where i can buy them online? If you have any soft copy of novels or any information from where I can buy them please let me know. any help would be greatly appreciated. my email addy is leotexas2006@yahoo.com


Dear Friends!
Ahmad Safi (son of Ibne Safi) through an e-mail on July 5, 2009, has requested me to remove all novels of Ibne Safi which I have placed at esnips ---- The letter is self-explanatory in which Dr. Ahmad has rightly called my act a copyright infringement which I did accept and immediately removed all novels from my esnips folder ---- I request to all other friends to read the said letter and take the right decision --- Dr. Ahmad writes:

“ So as a first thing, I would request you to VOLUNTARILY remove the PDF versions or links to those, from your web pages and uphold the rights of your favourite author whose main aim was to propagate the Respect of Law (Qanoon ka Ehtraam.)” -- I have known and admired you for your love and respect for Ibne Safi and his novels. I just have to tell you that these works are copyright materials and copying them in any form print/electronic is illegal. M/s Asrar Publications is actively publishing these novels and all rights are reserved. If you would not stand side by side with me and the Ibne Safi family which includes your dear friend Muneer, then we would be left to think that Ibne Safi Fans are fans for the sake of reading his works but not learning from it.
I hope you would consider the point of view of the copyright holders and would be amongst the protectors of the rights not violators of the same. Hope to see a positive response from you”.

Please see Ahmad’s complete letter at:

RASHID ASHRAF – zest70pk@gmail.com