13 Jul 2006

Promised Messiah rescues the Humanity

Submitted by SalmanKhan

The Asteroid Awareness Campaign
by Mehdi Foundation International Internet: GoharShahi.com
Promised Messiah rescues the Humanity
God has set an asteroid to collide with the earth to finish it to the total extinction, which is expected in the year 2026. A part of this asteroid has already hit The Jupiter few years ago.
The whole of the earth would see the effects of the dust released into atmosphere. The collision would cause a global catastrophe. The Scientists are working on to deflect it or change it direction, but it wont help since its an act of God.
The Purpose of the Asteroid Awareness Campaign
The purpose of this campaign is to raise the awareness of the potential disaster that the collision of the asteroid is bound to cause to the humanity. Although, the scientists in all developed countries are striving hard to find a deterrent to this deadliest ever asteroid, they cannot beat the act of God, because this asteroid is not a random object, but rather a divine devise to extinct the human race, and destroy the planet earth.
What can humanity do now? Do human beings have an option?
The answer is “Yes”.
The Bible and the Koran narrate some stories of the history wherein God destroyed many nations who rejected the divine message, and went against God’s law.
Today, humanity is suffering from the same plague of being spiritually distant from God. All religions are either divided into sectarians branches, and lost their glory, or have been deprived of the spiritual dimensions. The humanity is thickly polluted with materialistic gains. Eagerness for God’s love is not to be found in hearts, no wonder God prepares to manifest his majestic mood.
The only way of escape from this havoc maybe possible if
Humanity turns to God, repent over sins, ask forgiveness
Or the Promised Messiah descends on Earth to save the humanity from this calamity.
His Holiness Ra Riaz Gohar Shahi, the Promised Messiah
God has manifested his images on various planets including the moon, the sun, the mars, the earth and sacred objects like that of the Holy Black Stone in Mecca. Adopt the Goharian Gospel of Divine Love. His Holiness RARIAZ GOHAR SHAHI is the fountain of love, mercy and salvation for the entire humanity. Jesus Christ and HH RaRiaz Gohar Shahi join hands to bless and save the humanity.

Younus AlGohar


Mehdi Foundation International UK
Humanity needs Promised Messiah RaRiaz Gohar Shahi and Returning Jesus Christ
No matter how strong does human race become, it still needs Promised Messiah RaRiaz Gohar Shahi and Returning Jesus Christ, because men cannot compete God. Biblical text reveals everything is to return to where it originates from. 313 religions were established through 125 thousand prophets since the beginning. Three types of souls sent into this world. Hell-bound, Heaven-bound and the God-loving souls. The eternally hell-bound souls happened to be inclined towards the materialistic gains, the heaven-bound are God’s law abiding souls. They live in accordance with the divinely prescribed life-style. Their ultimate achievement is to earn paradise. The God-loving souls settles for God’s love only, nothing else interests them.
Paradise can be obtained through practice of any religion sent by God. Acquiring God’s love involves revival of spiritual faculties, invested in every human being by God. Both spiritual and physical dimensions of the knowledge were introduced in all religions. The physical aspect of the religion is aimed at matters relating to the rituals of the religion, while the spiritual secretive sense is to reconnect to God. The clerics acquired the expertise in the ritualistic knowledge, whereas the Sufi’s managed to achieve the secretive sense of the spiritual faculties after lengthy process of self-denial, purification of heart and awakening of soul.
The ritualistic knowledge of all religions is to be found in books, hence it is easily accessible, while the spiritual knowledge is to be ethereally bestowed on hearts, and obtained only after mortification and spiritual cleanliness. Love for money and carnal desires entangled human beings in an evil web. People shun the Quest for the spiritual knowledge, and with the passage of time, this knowledge became extinct. Distance from this knowledge resulted in disconnecting from God.
His Holiness RaRiaz Gohar Shahi introduces the long forgotten secretive sense of the spiritual knowledge to the whole of humanity. In this materialistic age, people are not prone to seclusion, as in the olden times, Sufi’s would leave the normal life-style, and for mortification of the Self, and purification of heart and soul, they would adopt hermitage temporarily. Therefore, in order to ease off the hardship of this spiritual path, His Holiness Gohar Shahi exempts the aspirants from reclusion.
His Holiness Gohar Shahi advocates the path of Divine Love. Love is God’s own religion. All the other religions were established by prophets. Prophets were sent into different nations, but divine Love is for the entire humanity. Through divine love only the humanity can become a united nation. Uniformity of the souls in divine love will establish the Divine Kingdom of God.
His Holiness Gohar Shahi is the Unifier, the symbol of Love and Peace. God has manifested the images of HH Gohar Shahi on the Moon, the Sun, the Mars and various other locations. Appearance of the images is the divine declaration for the humanity to recognize their Messiah.
Mehdi Foundation International represents the cause of the Promised Messiah His Holiness Gohar Shahi. We promote the Goharian Philosophy of Divine Love and Global Peace. We need Media’s help to publicise the divine mission, but the media shows very little interest today, however, the day is not far when they shall look for us for an astounding headliner.

Younus AlGohar