13 Dec 2006

Saihaan or Sayhan

Submitted by inamul

Salam Brothers and Sisters..
We just had baby boy in the family and I am thinking about naming him "Saihaan". According to this web site Saihaan is name of Sahaba but I can not find it any where else on net.
Is it really muslim name ?
Does anyone of you know\heard this name ?
Khuda hafiz


Hi. I'm new to this site. I would like to reply to a post sent by inamul. My son is called Saihaan and i love that name. people always comment on what a nice name it is. It does actually mean @flowing@ in Arabic but is also a name of a Sahabi. To be honest, i do not know anyone else's child called Saihaan so be one of the few!! It is written as Saihaan in the kitaab not Sayhan by the way. Let me know if you did choose this lovely name for your boy.


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Assalamu alaikum brothers & sisters,

I'd like to give my upcoming baby's name Saihaan Ahmed. Is That name is Correct?

We simply had child kid in the family and I am contemplating naming him "Saihaan". As stated by this site Saihaan is name of Sahaba yet I can not discover it anyplace else on net.write my college essay

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Now i'm new to this web site. I want in order to answer a submit routed through inamul. My own boy is known as Saihaan as well as i enjoy in which identify. individuals usually reply to exactly what a great identify it can be. And also basically imply Ibeacons in Persia however can also be a identify of an Sahabi. To be honest, my spouse and i have no idea anyone else's kid known as Saihaan thus always be mostly of the!! It can be written because Saihaan in the kitaab not necessarily Sayhan in addition. I want to understand should you performed opt for this attractive identify for the youngster.

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