2 Apr 2007

Path of God

Submitted by adeebraza

Invitation for Path of God

God is Great.... No it in not right but GOD IS ONLY GREAT yes ......... Yes you are not, I am not, we are not, any body is not ... only GOD… believe or not but this is universal truth. Every thing will be finish today or tomorrow except GOD he was, he is, he will,
And will remain unchanged, forget your complex feeling better to realize the facts immediately today and don’t delay, realize it now and be pure, your actual destination is there, Every body must to go there without any reorganization of complex, religion, cast, creeds and God loves to only pure soles… start going on straight path …the path of universal truth and the path unlimited energy the path aspectual power the only path of God…………Go in to the detail study of Quran systematically………….
That is 1st Read, 2nd Understand 3rd Compare 4th Believe on the Reality 5th perform by hart if you feel correct

Adeeb Raza