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Sacrificial lamb

it is to make someone scapegoat, not a sacrificial animal as my friend puts it.

What is the word for "Refershments", in Urdu? Appreciate help.

Refreshment as a noun in terms of snacks/food is called Nashta. In English it normally used for food but as a noun it could be something else too. In this case it will depend on the actual usage of the word refereshment in English.

Refreshment an act (refreshing) is called Bahaali, Taazgi

what is the meanings of pale??

it means peela parna, zard hona, kisi kisam kay khouf se chehray ka rang change hona

hi i am ayesha from uk . i dont know the meaning of capitalism in urdu can someone be so nice and reply me as soon as possible i will be thankful to u urs ayesha

It's wrong to say "Sallam", the full word is "Assalam-o-Alaikum" which means "God's Kindness on you" in Urdu "Allah ki rahmatein tum per ho".

سرمایه دارى

capitalism is an ecnomics term urdu words can be used (sarmaa-ya-dari)0r (sarmaa-ya-darana nizam)