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Anizah    عنیزہ
She goat.
Anjum    انجم
(Persian) Star.
Anwaar    انوار
(Plu of Noor) Lights, brightness, glow, gleams.
Anwar    انور
Brighter, Luminous, radiant, shininis, enliphtening.
Aqeel    عقیل
Awise and intelligent man, a sensible man.
Aqueelah    عقیله
A wise and intelligent woman, a sensible woman.
Areeb    اریب
Skillful, adroit
Areebah    اریبه
Skillful woman The aunt (father’s sister) of the Holy prophet (pence be upon him).
Arjumand    ارجمند
(Persian) Honorable, noble, worthy, blessed, possessing dignity, dear.
Arqam    ارقم
Pen, speckled snack, and name of a Sahabi know as Arquam ibn abi Arquam.
Arsalaan    ارسلان
(Turkish) Lion.
Arshad    ارشد
Rightly guided, having the true faith, soberer, grave, most conscious, most sensible, intelligent, of full legal age.
Arshaq    ارشق
Handsome,one with a befitting height and a well-proportioned body.
Arwaa    اروا
The aunt (father's sister) of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him).
Asaad    اسعد
Happier, more lucky, gladder, felicitous, fortunate.
Asad    اسد
Asbagh    اصبغ
Colored animal,a huge flood,dyer.
Asghar    اصغر
Shorter, smaller, tiniest, more diminutive.
Ashaath    اثعث
(Asba’as) Scattered, sprcad about irregularly, humble
Ashab    اشعب
Lion, difficult, strict.

121-140 of 171


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