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Farrukh    فرخ
Happy, fortunate, auspicious, beautiful.
Farwah    فروہ
Fur, Name of a Sahabiyah, and also name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr
Fashee    فصیح
Fasiha    فصیحہ
Fatimah    فاطمہ
The lovely daughter of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him).
Fatinah    فاطینہ
Intelligent, sagacious.
Fattaah    فتح
One who attains victory, and attribute of Allah Almighty. Name, Abdul Fattah.
Fazal    فضل
(Fadl), Exellance, virtue, superiority, increase, excess, reward, grace, bounty, wisdom.
Fazeel    فضیل
(Fudail), Name of saint known as Fudail bin Iyaad .
Fazeelah    فضیلہ
(Fadeelah), Superiority, attribute, value
Feeroozah    فیروزہ
A precious stone, Turquoise.
Fidaa    فدا
Redemption, devoting one's self, to another, ransom, suitable cobination for names, Fidaur Rehaman, Fida' Mohammad.
Firdous    فردوس
A garden, paradise.
Fizzah    فضة
(Fiddah), Silver, name of a maid servant of Haz rat Faatimh (RAH).
Fizzah    فضة
(Fizzlah), Silver, name of maid servant of Hazrat Faatimah (RAH).
Fouziah    فوزیه
Vitorious, successful, one who has attained salvation.
Fouziah    فوزیه
(Persian), successful
Fozan    فوزان
Successful, victorious, advantageous.
Furaiah    فریعة
Name of a Sahabiyah, her second name was Faari‘ah.
Furqan    فرقان
A creation, (for distinguishing truth from falsehood).

41-60 of 62


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