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Habib    حبیب
Lover, beloved.
Habibah    حبیبه
Hadiqah    حدیقه
Hafeezh    حفیظ
(Hafeez), Guardian , Protector, an attribute applied to Allah Names, Abdul Hafeez.
Hafeezhah    حفیظه
(Hafeezah), Guardian , Protector.
Hafs    حفص
Name of a well known Quari.
Hafsah    حفصه
The wife of the Holy prophet ( peace be upon him), and Ummulmoominin, mother of the believers, and the daughter of Hazrat Umar(RA).
Haidar    حیدر
A blood thirsty lion, the title of Hazrat Ali (RA).
Hajjaaj    حجاج
One who prevails in the argument, Name of famous ruler of Iraq known as Hajjaaj ibin Yousof.
Hakam    حکم
An umpire, a mediator, an arbitrator, name of a caliph of Arab. An attribute applied to Allah.
Hakeem    حکیم
Wise, a sage, a philosopher, a physician, a doctor. An attribute applied to Allah.
Hakeemah    حکیمه
A sage, philosopher, a physician, a doctor.
Haleef    حلیف
Ally, comrade, sworn, friend.
Haleem    حلیم
A patient man, an attribute of Allah Almighty. Names, AbdulHaleem, Muhammad Haleem.
Haleemah    حلمیمه
(Halimah)A patient woman, A wet nurse of the Holy prophet ( peace be upon him).
Hamd    حمد
Praise, admiration.
Hamdan    حمدان
The one who praises (Allah).
Hameed    حمید
Prasie worthy, He who is the only one to be praised and glorified and thanked by all creatures. Name, Abdul Hammed, Muhammad Hameed.
Hameedah    حمیدہ
Praise worthy.
Hameem    حمیم
Friend, hot water.

21-40 of 106


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