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Murtaa    مرتاض
(Murtaaz), Disciplined, one who endeavours in worshipping Almighty Allah and in suppressing the desires of the nufs or self.
Murtadaa    مرتضیٰ
(Murtazaa) Chosen, selected, agreeable, a title of Hazrat Ali.
Musab    مصعب
Name of a Sahabi who particepated in the battle of Badr.
Musaddiq    مصدق
Verifier, one who believes another, one who gives Sadaquah, charity.
Musawwir    مصّور
He who designs all things. Name, Abdul Musawwir.
Musharraf    مشرف
Exalted, ennobled, honored.
Musheer    مشیر
A counselor, a senator, an adviser, secretary.
Mushfiq    مشفق
Kind, dear, affectionate, showing favour, condoling.
Mushtaaq    مشتاق
Desirous, longing, ardent, fond, wishful, wishing.
Muslih    مصلح
Reformer, Name of a great saint known as Muslihuddin Shirazi.
Muslim    مسّلم
One who submits to Allah, A believer in one God, Allah, and His prophets.
Muslimah    مسلمه
Submitting to Allah, a Muslim woman.
Mustaeen    مستعین
Praying for help, soliciting aid.
Mustafaa    مصطفیٰ
Chosen, selected, a title of the who Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).
Mustafeed    مستفید
Profiting, gaining, acquiring.
Mustafeez    مستفیض
(Mustafeed),Pofittining, one who is desirous of gaining. Name, Mustafeezur Rahmaan.
Mustajaab    مستجاب
Heard, granted, given ear to, acceptable, agreeable. One whose prayers are accepted by Allah.
Mustaneeah    مستعینه
Praying for help, soliciting aid.
Mustaneer    مستنیر
Bright,brilliant, shining.
Mustaqeem    مستقیم
Right, straight, erect, direct, faithful.

161-180 of 195


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