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Maqsood    مقصود
Intended, proposed, object, aim, view.
Marghoob    مرغوب
Desirable, aimable, beautyful, lovely, pleseant, excellant, agreeable.
Marjanah    مرجانه
A precious stone, Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).
Maroof    معروف
well-known, popular, illastratious, good deed.
Marthad    مرثد
(Marsad), Name of a sahabi(RA).
Marwaan    مروان
Name of a ruler in early Islamic history.
Maryam    مریم
Name of the mother of Hadrat ‘eesaa (Jesus) (peace be upon him), its equivalent in English is Mary.
Marzooq    مرزوق
Recipient of sustenance by Allah, Name of Sahabi(RA).
Masarrat    مسرت
Happiness, pleasure.
Mashhood    مشھود
Attested, proved, evidenced, clear, manifest, present.
Mashhoodah    مشھودہ
Attested, proved, evidence, clear, manifest, present.
Mashkoor    مشکور
Praised, thanked, laudable, agreeable.
Masood    مسعود
Blessed, Name of a sahabi who took part in the battle of badr.
Masoom    معصوم
Defannded, preserved, innocent, simple, gulitless, infant.
Masoomah    معصومه
Innocent, protected.
Masroor    مسرور
Glad, pleased, cheerful, delighted, exalting.
Masuoodah    مسعودہ
Present, manifest.
Mateen    متین
Frimed, constant, solid, a person who has depth in his thought.
Mateenah    متینه
Firmed, constant, solid, a woman who has depth in his thoughts.
Matloob    مطلوب
Aim, goal, destination, desire.

41-60 of 195


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