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Qudaamah    قدامة
Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Quddoosiyyah    قدوسیه
A girl who is free from any physical or moral defects,a blessed girl. a pious girl,celestial.
Qudsiyah    قدسیه
Qurbaan    قربان
Sacrifice,an offering.
Qurratulain    قرةالعین
Freshening the eye,cool of eye.
Qutaibah    قتیبه
Name of a great Mujahid (warrior) in the way of Allah and name of a Sahabi.
Qutb    قطب
The iron spindle or axis on which a millstone turns,the polar star,a title or degree of rank among relI,ious mendicants,a pivot,a lord,a chief.
Qutbah    قطبه
Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.

21-28 of 28


What s th origin n meaning of name Rishan. Is it Arabic?

I need help I need to find the meaning of my name, iv been searching for a while now an have gotton nowher I even mixed my letters up of my name nazmeerah

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May I please know the meaning of the name Abu Harerha

Naveed Ahmed Shariff please give me a

My name is Muhammad Razaq My wife name Sadar razaq. He is born a child. My son date of birth 31.01.2012. Plz give the islmic nam and "firt digts"

Please let me know meaning of Rameen and Muskan. thanks


the meaning of aasiya name is ferons wife

Mera bhi aik sawal hai koi yah bata sakta hai k tamater sabzi hai ya fruit hai pls waiting for reply

janab tamater to fruit hi.
likin ap yi batao ki naymat male hi ya female.