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Shameemah    شمیمه
Fragrant, scent, a sweet-smelling breeze, lofty.Name, Shameemah.
Shammaas    شماس
Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Shams    شمس
Shams-ul-Haq    شمس الحق
The sun of truth, Name of a great scholar in Pakistan.
Shamshaad    شمشاد
(Persian) The box tree, a tall and upright tree, the graceful figure of a beloved.
Shaqeeq    شقیق
Real, Name of a Sahabi (RA), Part, half, piece, brother.
Shaqeeqah    شقیقه
Real sister.
Sharaafat    شرافت
Nobility, illustrious, to be distinguished.
Sharaaheel    شراحیل
Name of a Sahabi (RA).
Sharaf    شرف
Honor, honor and esteem due to some meritorious achievement.
Shareef    شریف
Noble , eminent , legitimate, chief of a tribe, one with honorable family back grownd, urbane.
Shareefah    شریفه
Noble, holy, modest, humble.
Shareefah    شریفه
Noble , eminent , legitimate, chief of a tribe,one with honorable family back ground, urbane.
Shareek    شریک
Partner, Name of a Sahabi (RA).
Shareekah    شریکه
Participant, partner.
Sharfaa    شرفاء
A most noble and honourable lady, name of a Sahabiyyah.
Shaukat    شوکت
Dignity, magnificence, grandeur, power.
Sheereen    شیرین
(Persian) Sweet, Name of a queen of Iran.
Shehryaar    شہریار
(Persian) Name of a man.
Shibli    شبلی
Name of a great saint.

181-200 of 240


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