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Saaadat    سعادت
(Saadat) Fortune, blessings, victory.
Saaadat    سعادت
(Sa‘aadah) Fortune, blessings, victory.
Saabiq    سابق
The first in a race, Name of a Sahabi (RA) who was the servant of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).
Saabiqah    سابقه
Precedent, one who comes first in a race,Name of a Sahabi (RA) who was the servant of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).
Saabir    صابر
One who patienly and stoically edures al hardships and diffichlties, title of Ayyoob(peace be upon him).
Saabirah    صابرہ
Patient, tolorant.
Saabit    ثابت
(Thaabit), Name of a Sahabi(RA).
Saadiq    صادق
True, sincere, faithful, veracious, a man of his word.
Saadiqhah    صادقه
True, sincere, faithful, veracious, a woman of his word.
Saahib    صاحب
Friend, colleague.
Saahibah    صاحبه
Friend, colleague.
Saahirah    ساھرة
Earth, moon, a spring which flows constantly.
Saaib    سائب
Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Saaid    ساعد
Name of a Sahabi (RA).
Saaim    صائم
Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Saaimah    صائمه
Fasting woman.
Saairah    ساحرہ
Name of a Sahabi (RA).
Saairah    ساحرہ
Name of a Sahabiyyah (RA).
Saajid    ساجد
One who makes sajdah (prostration).
Saajidah    ساجدہ
Prostrating in prayer (salah), one who makes sajdah.

1-20 of 240


I want to name my baby Qaliph Aali Al Hakim. I know that Qaliph means Caliph and Aali means high.. but I still worried if this kind of name is proper..( Is it too long? or if the meaning is correct when combined?)Please help me

What Does ilham or ilhan mean.
if you have any clue or know what it means please reply back.
asalam alykum

I am looking for the meaning of the name Samrina. I know it's an Urdu name, but I can't find the meaning anywhere. Could you help?

i given my girl name as "RABIZIA" i need the meaning

I would like to know whether the name "Samreena" is an acceptable muslim name. If it is acceptable then what is the meaning of "Samreena"

Answer 9774 2003-10-06

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Samreena - unable to locate.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai

That's all I could find about this name.

Just a quick question please.

Were you able to gain further information?

Thank you

could u pls tell me the meaning for this name:-

ahmad fahrin hakimi

mohd fazli

tq and regards

why u haven't write the meaning of the name "Falak" as this name is very popular and the meaning too...

Falak meanz Sky

I named my daughter Aumanae-I'm sure that our spelling is nowhere near accurate. However, I loved the name when we lived in the Middle East and wanted to use it. Can you tell me what it means?