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Hinaa    حنا
The Indian privet, a shrub, the leaves of which are used for dyeing the hands, feet and hair.
Hind    ھند
Name of Ummulmoomineen. the wife of the prophet peace he upon him, who is known also as Umme Salamah(RA).
Hindah    ھندہ
Name of wife of Ahu Sufyaan, a Sahabi of the Holy prophet ( peace be upon him).
Hishaam    ھشام
Name of a distinguished Sahahi (RA), known for his fat was and narration of a hadith.
Hood    ھود
Name of a prophet of Almighty Allah.
Hoor    حور
A virgin of Paradise, a black eyed nymph, a celestial bride promised to all good Muslims in the hear after.
Hubab    حباب
Name of a Sahahi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Hubail    ھبیل
Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Hubaish    حبیش
Name of a Tabi’i
Hud    ھود
Name of prophet of Allah Almighty.
Huda    ھدا
Guidance towards the right direction, the right path, instruction.
Hujaimah    ھجیمه
Name of a Sahabiah known as Umm Darda’(RA).
Hujjat    حجّت
Argument, proof, reason, discussion.
Huma    ھما
(Persian word) Name of an imaginary bird.
Humaam    ھمام
A respectable leader.
Humaid    ھمید
Praised, Name of many scholars of Hadith.
Humail    ھمیل
Name of a Sahabi.
Humairaa    حمیراء
Red colored girl, Name of Ummulmoominin Hazrat Aaishah (RA).
Humayoon    ھمایوں
(Persian) Name of a Mugul king of India.
Huraith    حریث
A little farmer; Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.

81-100 of 106


hi friend,
you have asked the meaning of the name NAHEED.Naheed is a persian name,whose meanings are Star, it is the name of Planet Venus.which is the Goddess of love in the Greek mythology.
in urdu Naheed means ,Bulandiyon ko chunay wala sitara.( the star on the heights of the sky, venus.) which is the sign of love and tenderness.
I hope this explaination would be enough to satisfy you.
take care.
Allah hafiz.

what is the meaning of touba in urdu

i was really impressed when i saw this site
its really great v r developing our language
i came across it as i was searching for an email adress amd i wanted it to be consistent with the meaning of my name
and my problem was solved

what does word "rafeela" mean,this is girl's name

Dear Sir / Madam,

I like very much the name of Karishma.
Can you advice me as to whether this name has an urdu meaning

Karishma means MIRACLE

--Dil Se...