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Uthmaan    عثمان
Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Uwaim    عویم
Name of a Sahabi who took part in the battle of Badr.
Uwais    اویس
Name of a great saint and Taabi‘ee (RA).
Uzair    عزیر
Name of a prophet of Allah Taala.
Uzhmaa    عظمیٰ
(Uzmaa), Greater, more dignified, more exalted.

41-45 of 45


can anyone suggest me the name of my doughter as SAARAH NIGAAR.
Plz help me with meaning and spelling to ""


Can anyone advise whether RUFINA is islam name & their meaning?

Thank you

Plz Tell Me the Meaning of the Name of "NAVEEL"?????????? and is it muslim name or christian name????????? Can anybody help Me ? if u know then reply me Please.. i m waiting ur reply?
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is naveeltahir muslim name

can neone plz tell me something abt the name Roha?..
wich country does it originate from and wt does it mean?
thank you.

roha is a place in raigad district.i doubt whether it has any meaning.u better check it out in quran .if it is there than go on , other wise leave the meaningless thing.

can any body tell me the meaning of shahril & morishah

Dear All
Any body can give a good name for my baby boy...with meaning of intelligent, brave ,noble, good, leader or alla's gift...

plz mail me on below adress

with salam


Can anybody please...please help me with the meaning of the name Zehan. Is it a girl's name?
Eagerly waiting for response........