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Baadiyah    بادیه
Name of a sahahiyyah.
Baahir    باھر
Baaqi    باقی
The Everlasting, perpetual , an attribute of Allah. Name, Abdul-Baaqi.
Baar    باز
Just, pious.
Baari    باری
Creator, one of the attributes of Almighty Allah.
Baasim    باسم
Smiling, happy.
Baasit    باسط
Conferrer of prosperity , one of the attributes of Almighty Allah. Name, Abdul-Baasit.
Baayazeed    بایزید
The name of a king known us Baayazezd Yaldarim, also the name of a great sufi.
Badar    بدر
Full moon.
Badee    بدیع
(Badi‘) Novel, Strange, Rare,one of the Attributes of Almighty Allah. Name Abdul Badee.
Baha    بھاء
Beauty, brilliancy, loveliness.
Baha    بھاء
Beauty, elegance, exellence, it also means in Persian, value. Names, Bahaa’uddeen, Bahaa-ul-haq.
Bahaar    بہار
(Persian word) spring, prime, bloom, beauty, glory, elegance, delight, enjoyment, flourishing state, fine, landscape.
Bahtath    بحاث
Name of Sahabi, who was present in the battle Badar.
Bakht    بخت
(Persian word) Luck, good fortune, prosperity, lot, portion.
Bakhtaawar    بختاور
(Persian) Fortunate, lucky.
Baleegh    بلیخ
Eloquent, learnod
Baleel    بلیل
Name of Sahabi who was present in the battle of Uhud.
Baqilah    باقله
Name of a sahabiyyah.
Baqir    باقر
Well learned, fierce, lion, a very wealthy man, the title of Imam Aboo Ja’far.

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the exact urdu of universe is "KAAENAAT" "کائنات"

the exact urdu of universe is "KAAENAAT"

A Single world in Urdu is "Jahaan" with silent 'N' but a Plural demandsa that you pronounce the N. This also denotes to the whole universe in Urdu

Can anyone tell me the urdu or arabic meaning of name 'Sia'


what is meaning of AMBREEN

'Ambr' means Sky/Heavens so denoting from that Ambreen in whole means someone from the Sky/Heavens or Heavenly Creature.

'Ambr' also means 'Khushboo' or Fragrance so denoting from this it also means 'One of 'Fragrance' The 'een' at the end simply shows the femininety of the name bearer.

The Origin of this name is not confirmed. References have been found in ancient URDU but they are too week to trust.

I like the name Ishaan for my son. But i am confused about its meaning and origin. Is it really an arabic name? Some where I found that it means in God Grace. but recently in a site I found it means Lord Shiva or something like this. Can anyone suggest me about this name? If it is related to Hindus, I must not take this. Thanks

I am Sandina, and i am a moslim ..
I´ve made some researches for the name Sandina,but i couldnßt find it..
Could you please tell me what is the meaning of my name,and is it a moslim name??

Can anyone please tell me the meaning of name Taaif & how will it be correctly spelt if this spelling is wrong.

please can anybody tell me the meaning of vaqas not waqas, vaqas ok thanks muslim brothers and sisters assalamualakum