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Maahir    ماھر
Skilful, able, expirenced.
Maahirah    ماھرة
Skillful, able, experienced.
Maajid    ماجد
Glorious, honourable, generous, splended, Allah's attribute , Name Abdul Majid.
Maajidah    ماجدہ
Glorious, honorable, generous, splendid.
Maalik    مالک
Master, Lord, an attribute applied to Allah Almighty , Name of a sahabi who took part in the battle of badr , Name of great jurist and scholar of Hadith.
Maalikah    مالکه
Maani    مانی
One who prevernts.
Maariya    ماریه
A lady with fair complexion, The bondmaid of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).
Mabad    معبد
Name of a sahabi who took part in the battle of badr.
Madani    مدنی
Related to Madina.
Madhat    مدحت
Praise, eulogy.
Madhat    مدحت
Mahboob    محبوب
Maheen    مھین
Fine, thin, notv coarse, feeble.
Mahfoozah    محفوظه
(Mahfoozhah) Secured, protected, safe.
Mahfoozh    محفوظ
(Mahfooz), Secured, protected, safe.
Mahmood    محمود
Praised, prasieworthly, laudable, worthy.
Mahmoodah    محمودہ
Praiseworthy, praised, elegant.
Maimoon    میمون
Fortunate, auspicious, prosperous.
Maimoona    میمونه
(Maimoonah) Fortunate, auspicious, prosperous.Name of an Ummulmoomineen, the wife of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him).

1-20 of 195


please can anybody tell me the meaning of vaqas not waqas, vaqas ok thanks muslim brothers and sisters assalamualakum

i neeed to find the meaning of the name Vaneeza

I need the meaning of the name Ahommed

I need the meaning of the name Ahommed

Hello to Everyone,
Can u tell me the meaning of "Ayaz". And one thing more this site is very useful site. Best of luck to all the team.

Meanig of name Mafia

Can any one tell me the meaning of female name Anbisha or Ambisha.

Shahnawaz Ahmad

I am confused about the meaning of the name AYAAN. I want to name my son AYAAN but want to know the meaning first. Can anyone guide me please...I will be very grateful.
Allah Hafiz!


The name AYAAN is of Arabic Origin and means GIFT OF GOD. If spelt properly with AA after AY with makes AY AA N.

Ayaan means lucky person or simply luck in Somali.