27 Aug 2005

Assalam-o-Alykum, Hi, Hello, Marhaba, Bonjour, Guten Tag.

Submitted by Tanvir Lodi

Assalam-o-Alykum, Hi, Hello, Marhaba, Bonjour, Guten Tag.

Hope the reader of this blog is fine and living his life to its fullest.

As the title says, this is my first entry and hopefully I will try to contribute something each day till the day I die.

For the ones who dont know me, I am Tanvir Ali Khan Lodi. I am a born Muslim. I belong to the city of Karachi, called City of Lights once. My beloved coutry is Pakistan.

I have lived nearly half of my life as per the satistics (avg. age of Men in Pakistan is 65). I am near 35 Years of age now. Scorpio by birth.

Cant say why? But normally people older then me are my good friends. May be I belong to the generation of my age physically but not mentally.

I am in the field of IT since 1989. Near 15 years now. I have learned different languages. Operating Systems, Databases on my own and due to my extra craze for the field of IT. Today I read magazines, books etc and try to keep myself uptodate as much as possible. I have seen that You can find many persons Guru's of Java, Some of Oracle, Some of Windows but I am kind of Master of all and Jack of none type person.

Yes that saying I inverted to try to explain my expertise. Let suppose You want me to work on Sun Solaris. An OS I have never worked on. Even did not see how the first screen look like. Give me some time, a good book and after a day You would feel that I was telling a lie and that I have been working on Sun Solaris all my life.

What people dont understand of me is that I need to keep changing and I need to work on some thing challenging. Not on some routine job. If I have developed a Database using Oracle, Now give me some work related to Java, after that let me handle troubleshooting of Novell Netware etc etc. That is why many years I have spent without a Job.

Due to this many people who know me closely, wonder how come I know about so, many things related to IT. I smile and reply that, Dear the bags under my eyes are due to this, I read, read, read, browse for information, then read.... a lot, a lot then You can imagine reading. Every subject related to IT is my subject and my craze.

I have near 8 years of teaching exp. as well. But during all these years I have seen few, who I thought will go on and become programmers. If You think You can click on some wizard, then make few changes and click on Compile and voila You got a great program then I am sorry to say You are not a programmer. But like Painters, You cant make programmers. They have to born programmers to be programmers.

Few years back I have also done a radio show, regarding IT. It was called World of Computers. In which i coined the term, "World Clicked Together - The Internet". That was one of the segments of my program.

In this program I took live calls from allover city of Karachi. Give suggestions to people problems, reply to their emails and for the first time in radio history I think I teach them GWBASIC Language on air. Even though there was no computer in front of me in the studio, or any student, but that segment went on very well and people even asked me to start teaching JAVA and C. Link for this is in Link section of my blog. You can become member, read all the messages and see how popular was it at that time.

Now I am looking for a producer for TV, who could understand the potential of this program and me and convert this radio show into a TV program.

Will write more insha Allah. Tomorrow will try to write on the Issue of Media and Islam. Hope to see You then.

Salaam and Regards,