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27 Aug 2005

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Assalam-o-Alykum, Hi, Hello, Marhaba, Bonjour, Guten Tag.

Hope You and family are fine.

Today I talk with one of my US friends about Islamic Terrorism. Hope that talk will open your eyes. His ID is censored on his request.

Tanvir: Hi.... hope you and family are fine....

Ad : yeah, i read the first post on your blog...

Tanvir: Thank You.....

Ad : i started your second post
Ad : btw, in some places the islamics are killers

Tanvir: Now.... coming to that... suppose... You are living in an apartment building... where on 20 floor some one killed somebody... now do you suppose to catch that killer.... or are you going to put every one in the building in the jail???????

27 Aug 2005

Assalam-o-Alykum, Hi, Hello, Marhaba, Bonjour, Guten Tag.

Hope the reader of this blog is fine and living his life to its fullest.

As the title says, this is my first entry and hopefully I will try to contribute something each day till the day I die.

For the ones who dont know me, I am Tanvir Ali Khan Lodi. I am a born Muslim. I belong to the city of Karachi, called City of Lights once. My beloved coutry is Pakistan.

I have lived nearly half of my life as per the satistics (avg. age of Men in Pakistan is 65). I am near 35 Years of age now. Scorpio by birth.

Cant say why? But normally people older then me are my good friends. May be I belong to the generation of my age physically but not mentally.

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