27 Aug 2005

Eye opening talk with a US person about Muslim Terrorists.

Submitted by Tanvir Lodi

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Assalam-o-Alykum, Hi, Hello, Marhaba, Bonjour, Guten Tag.

Hope You and family are fine.

Today I talk with one of my US friends about Islamic Terrorism. Hope that talk will open your eyes. His ID is censored on his request.

Tanvir: Hi.... hope you and family are fine....

Ad : yeah, i read the first post on your blog...

Tanvir: Thank You.....

Ad : i started your second post
Ad : btw, in some places the islamics are killers

Tanvir: Now.... coming to that... suppose... You are living in an apartment building... where on 20 floor some one killed somebody... now do you suppose to catch that killer.... or are you going to put every one in the building in the jail???????
Tanvir: ?????

Ad : catch him, but in some places most of em' are killers

Tanvir: That i feel is a talk from a close mind.... close due to media
Tanvir: Dont worry some day... You will know the truth..... and do see the link on my blog roll.... that will tell you what really happened on 9/11.......
Tanvir: and also on London 7/7.........
Tanvir: If for a moment we suppose that muslims did that.... then .... who is gaining..... US.... but look who is gaining.... we are just loosing....
Tanvir: ....Even in a murder case.... police first see who is gaining and who is loosing.....

Ad : i agree that in places like pakistan they shouldn't blame it on everyonne

Tanvir: Do read all the info on those pages... they are from US.... they are not from muslims... but they from people who are not corrupted by media... dear......

Ad : but in israel alll the children are trained from babies to kill
Ad : i've seen clips from arab TV
Ad : and have had a suicide bomber a km from me
Ad : in pakistan it's not right to blame it on everyone
Ad : but there are places it's right, and this is truth
Ad : in and around israel every baby is trained to hate and kill
Ad : and they state it publicly
Ad : on their own TV

Tanvir: But.... do look at the root cause......

Ad : every time they kill someone they go out to the streets to party

Tanvir: When some one back is up to the wall.... what will they do....????

Ad : they will fight in democratic ways

Tanvir: and what if they do kill 2 or 3.... they are being killed in 20 and 30s......
Tanvir: democratic..... dear their is no democracy... in the world....
Tanvir: just power.......

Ad : they kill in 10s
Ad : and don't get killed

Tanvir: who has power... got every thing.....

Ad : the only ones that get killed are the ppl who orginize the attacks
Ad : they can live easily in all the countries around
Ad : without getting killed

Tanvir: That what you hear... from the media which is in thier control....

Ad : instead they blow themselves up

Tanvir: why do you think al-jazeera tv is banned in US....????
Tanvir: So, you dont hear the real news.....

Ad : i've seen parts from many arab channels
Ad : it has more lies than the US tv (which also has many lies)
Ad : they have no right to kill ppl

Tanvir: So, if it all lies..... some day... if you have time... and money... go and see for your own eyes...atleast that wont tell lies

Ad : their tought the second their born to hate and kill

Tanvir: Sure... no one has right to kill any one.....

Ad : throw rocks, shoot, and blow up
Ad : they also have to right for israel
Ad : and it's there problem they get killed sometimes, they can live is many arab countries comfertably
Ad : instead they shoose to get killed in israel
Ad : their life isn't worth anything to them, they have no problem blowing themselves up
Ad : ppl who don't care about life, just about killing don't deserve anything

Tanvir: Just tell me one thing.... if they are trained from birth... etc.. why is this is happening now.... why not from last 40 year back....actually when we talk about some thing... we have to see the root cause... if now they are trained.... to blow themselves.... we have to see why??? and what causes them to do this?????? off course every one life is importat to himself... and his family... but if he do blow himself.... it must be more important cause then his life.... we have to see what is the cause....... !!!!!!!!

Ad : the root cuase is false claims israel belongs to them
Ad : btw, their leaders are corrupt ppl that stesl all their money...
Ad : making them live a poor painful life
Ad : which cuases them to turn evil
Ad : in certain places the islamics are EVIL
Ad : in pakistan only a small amount

Tanvir: Leaders are the main cause.... who ever they lead.... they are the main problem.... and what is this... No... their claim to Islrael... is not false.... who told you that.....?
Tanvir: From your talk... i think you are brain washed from childhood.... about us.....

Ad : i'm sorry to tell you some ppl had israel b4 you
Ad : and your claims are flase
Ad : false*
Ad : even if it were true you can't do what their doing

Tanvir: No i cant....

Ad : you can make an army and follow the laws of war

Tanvir: but if my father, my little 3 year old brother.. my mother is being shot dead... may be i would......
Tanvir: There are NO laws.. dear.. only power.....
Tanvir: Who has the power.. has the law......

Ad : there is something called the UN you know...

Tanvir: Haaaaa........ Haaaaaaaaa that is joke.... UN.... is a big bloddy joke.... if they pass anything... who hears.... the big POWERS veto it.....!!!! ha.. i cant stop my laughs....
Tanvir: UN is nothing.... a piece of crap.......

Ad : i don't care, their war laws make it more human
Ad : and not just the ugly killing your friends in israel are doing
Ad : if you want to capture a country (even tho all your claims are false) do it the right way
Ad : not by blowing up in malls

Tanvir: RIGHT WAY.... who will allow that... if they ask for help from UN.... and out of this world.. UN do allow some... what they get in return... a VETO.......
Tanvir: Now... tell me.... what is the right way... in your mind.... to capture a country.....
Tanvir: ......?????????

Ad : no one will allow that becuase what you already done
Ad : get an army and go to war, not blow up one by one in public places killing ppl for no reason

Tanvir: Get army from where????? and you say... "no one will allow that because what you already done" .... But we have already done is AFTER we tried hard to get help.... when no one helps you out... you help yourself...... isnt it....????? Then may be you help yourslef in the wrong way... but then you dont have any other choice....
Tanvir: You got money... so you got necular bombs for US... guns from them... who is going to give us one.....??????? without money......

Ad : you have many countries with many weapons (most ilegal...)
Ad : syria, iran
Ad : you have tons of ppl and guns, get together and form an army
Ad : .clear
Ad : oops, wrong windows

Tanvir: ha ha.... that is another joke..... let me give you one very good example...... in bosnia.... the war is going on.... they have killed (Christians and jews) kill thousands of muslims..... very good... the whold damn world was watching it (even now they are finding graves with hundres in them....).... well then nothing happened... muslims fighters from pakistan, afghanistan.. etc reach and started to kill them... OHHHH then the whole world just woke up... and UN woke up... and they send in NATO etc forces to stop the fighting.... Where were they BEFORE... when muslims are being killed........???????? ANY IDEA DEAR......???????
Tanvir: ?????

Ad : yes, in our nice big homes watching TV having fun
Ad : you give no value to life (not you in person...) so why should the world give value to your life
Ad : you don't care about blowing yourselves up
Ad : your leaders kill you

Tanvir: hAAAA..... hAAA..... THAT IS NO ANSWER..... my dear.... how do you know that a person killed in bosnia.... even though a muslim..... how do you know that person give value to life or not???? that means.. your brain washed brain... tells you that every muslim falls in that category......

Ad : not everyone, but many of them
Ad : you don't give value to other ppl's life either

Tanvir: AGain... that is no answer......

Ad : sure, why not?! go into a bus and kill 20 ppl
Ad : when those ppl didn't do anything to you

Tanvir: Again..... i am cutting and pasting it dear.....that means.. your brain washed brain... tells you that every muslim falls in that category......

Ad : not everyone
Ad : why didn't anyone scream about sadam killing many?
Ad : why didn't you try to gather amd stop him?
Ad : why do some of you believe in him?
Ad : when kills you no prob
Ad : why are ppl in iraq killing soldiers that saved them?
Ad : why do ppl see his killing ways as right?
Ad : and*

Tanvir: again power ...... US was behind him that time.....they have supported him.... for their own cause.... and tumble him down for their own cause.... i even wont cosider saddam a muslim.... that is a question you ask yourself... why people are killing the soldiers who saved them???? either they are mad.....or either those suppose helping soldiers have some other motives......!!!!!!
Tanvir: Then pull out your soldiers... and stop helping the mad people....
Tanvir: Easy.......
Tanvir: Their no jews or christians being killed.... why are you there?????
Tanvir: Leave .........

Ad : becuase we do care about muslims
Ad : it dosen't matter for what motive we saved the ppl

Tanvir: That is reall funny and a BIG joke...... i cant laugh any more now....

Ad : we want the ppl to have peace
Ad : and not be killed

Tanvir: The world is saying that you are their just for oil.... just for oil....

Ad : also for oil

Tanvir: Open your eyes and mind.....
Tanvir: no JUST for oil......

Ad : it's mostly for oil but we are helping you

Tanvir: Saddam was your man.... the current bush father gave him green signal to go into kuwait.....

Ad : bottom line: is this stoping the killing of ppl?
Ad : who says i supported what bush the father did?, i didn't like him at all

Tanvir: that is good to hear....

Ad : he made a big mistake doing that
Ad : he did many mistakes

Tanvir: Then why support his invasion of iraq....?
Tanvir: Let suppose.... if i agree saddam was killing.... but that was no killing compare to the killing going on now...... isnt it....
Tanvir: He kills in a year or 5 years... now they are being killed daily.....
Tanvir: Why not pull out?????
Tanvir: again i would say OIL.... just for OIL.....

Ad : i can't read his mind, but i believe he has the oil in mind...

Tanvir: Human life means nothing....

Ad : yes, oil, but is it helping you?
Ad : yes! so why kill us?
Ad : bottom line: it's helping you for whatever motive

Tanvir: if they are helping... then only mad people will try to kill them... but that is not helping my dear... and people there know this....

Ad : it dosen't matter why they are helping!

Tanvir: why would i allow some one to come over and capture my home....

Ad : but they are helping

Tanvir: ???

Ad : if i would be under a leader killing me i would be happy if someone would capture my home and save my from him even if he's only intrested in money
Tanvir: You did not answer to this.....Let suppose.... if i agree saddam was killing.... but that was no killing compare to the killing going on now...... isnt it....

Tanvir: He kills in a year or 5 years... now they are being killed daily.....

Ad : and they are going to give you control

Tanvir: That is joke... US would never pull out... not in our life time.... but that will be another Vietnam for you.... write my words on the wall dear.....
Tanvir: ....

Ad : it is a peace process, in a few years all the ppl will live in hapiness, if it wouldn't be for your ppl making problems we would be out already

Tanvir: That is joke... US would never pull out... not in our life time.... but that will be another Vietnam for you.... write my words on the wall dear.....

Ad : if your ppl will stop the killing the problems and we take the oil to cover the war, we're out
Ad : see, we helped you (for whatever motive) and your killing us
Ad : saying it will be another vietnam

Tanvir: We will see... You are here... and iam here...... we are only killing because of your motives.... my dear....... that is very simple..... YOUR movtives around the world is killing you.... not us.... but your motives....... we will see.......


Tanvir: Helped what????
Tanvir: to kill more?????
Tanvir: ????

Ad : you have to look at the final result!
Ad : your ppl are the ones cuasing your ppl to die
Ad : would you like to live under sadams leadership?

Tanvir: You are dying too.... may be... but surely not under bush.....
Tanvir: ... and you are dying just for oil.... not for helping others....
Tanvir: OIL...... OIL........... OIL...........

Ad : we can take our oil and leave, right now, if we want to, we can get to the oil
Ad : right now

Tanvir: for me bush and saddam are same...... killing people for their own motives.....
Tanvir: ....

Ad : btw, the oil wont even cover the war

Tanvir: Okay we did not gather up aginst saddam... why not you people gather up and tumble bush????? he is killing your own...... for oil....
Tanvir: blood for oil......

Ad : do u think ppl are not gathering do to that
Ad : the ppl with thay view are gathering
Ad : and protesting
Ad : and trying
Ad : anyway they can

Tanvir: You and i know very well... what protest do..... NOTHING.....!!!!!

Ad : not only protests
Ad : they are putting pressure
Ad : it they get enough ppl and put enough pressure it will work
Ad : btw, many ppl in the US would die for $$$

Tanvir: Wow... what a pressure.. http://news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=story&u=/ap/20050821/ap_on_go_ca_st_pe/army...

Ad : the problem is there isn't enough ppl thet think that way
Ad : they don't have enough ppl to put enough pressure
Ad : if we want we can get to the oil, take it, and go
Ad : we're not staying just 4 that
Ad : and if your ppl would try to get bush to take away the soldiers in ways other than killing you may do something
Ad : killing is the only way you try to get what you want is killing
Ad : s/is killing/

Tanvir: Cant take oil in a day.... study over it then discuss..... its only for oil he is staying... rest is crap for general public like you.....

Ad : he is trying all he can to go get the oil
Ad : bush is corrupt
Ad : but he did help you

Tanvir: yes... when protest gets you no where... when your mother, father, sons, daughters,,,, sisters,, brothers keep dying...... no one in the world listen... ultimately... you opt for it also..... for what are you going to stay in this world for...???? everyone you love is dead... so you better be dead too.......

Ad : when other countries see your getting together yourselves to stop terror they will help you
Ad : instead many of your countries are creating terror and killing ppl
Ad : look, i'm to extreme and your to extreme, we both have to reach the happy medium

Tanvir: Okay.....
Tanvir: How is the site going.... anthing i can help with....????
Tanvir: ????

Ad : you should get together yourselves to stop the terrorist amoung you
Ad : if you start the whole world will follow
Ad : no, thanks, the site is fine
Ad : the problem is that your not trying to stop the terror
Ad : many of you are supporting and creating it
Ad : if you get 2gether and try to stop it you will get help

Tanvir: yes... when protest gets you no where... when your mother, father, sons, daughters,,,, sisters,, brothers keep dying...... no one in the world listen... ultimately... you opt for it also..... for what are you going to stay in this world for...???? everyone you love is dead... so you better be dead too.......

Ad : again, you better keep on with your life
Ad : if you would get up and try to stop the terrorist amoung you the world will help
Ad : i don't see islamic masses trying to stop the terror

Tanvir: How can we get up and stop.... dear the world is creating them.... how they can help......

Ad : i see masses creating it

Tanvir: islamic massess are not creating... the world..... is

Ad : they are, they are training their kids

Tanvir: Why do you think they are doing that?????
Tanvir: ??????

Ad : if you will gather all non-terror ppl in pakistan andgo for a war against your own terrorist, get rid of osama's ppl, get most islamics from all your countries to stop the terror in their coutnry
Ad : country*
Ad : the world will help you
Ad : the world had no intention to create it
Ad : they are sorry they created it
Ad : and want to stop it
Ad : don't you think bush wants the fame of being the president who stoped terror?

Tanvir: Let me tell you one thing..... during the war of Iraq and Iran... US supported Iraq, they make saddam that big.... So, they are basically behind his killings in the first place.... then when the war ended... Israel feared.... that now iraq mighty power is their problem.... they used US to get rid of that power... actually they are showing bush that you will get oil..... but what their motive are .... only few know.....
Tanvir: Osama.... Who built osama..... go to the link i provided... then you will know the truth.... osama.... is created by YOU....... the US.....

Ad : i know, but we didn't want to create him
Ad : once he's disposed and all terror is disposed, the world can start a new leaf
Ad : start getting rid of all your terrorist and bush and many other countries will follow
Ad : they don't want their ppl killed
Ad : he wants the ppl to like him
Ad : he wants fame
Ad : he really wants (on some lvl) peace
Ad : don't you think bush would rather there be peace?
Ad : that he will be remembered as a good president
Ad : as the one who stoped terror
Ad : and helped bring world peace?

Tanvir: Why do you think.... JFK ... got killed.....????
Tanvir: ???
Tanvir: Because..... he is not supporting your army generals who want to go to war.... he tried peace... got what .... a bullet in head.... bush wont do that.....
Tanvir: after the cold war with russia.....
Tanvir: they are planning to close down the basses.... and cut budget for army.....
Tanvir: then they created Al-Qaida.....

Ad : he wants to bring peace by war
Ad : if you will start he'll join you

Tanvir: and got billions.... what about 3 trillions dollars missing from Pentagon .....??????
Tanvir: Any idea...... no he cant join.... while he is dead.....
Tanvir: Bush.... what he is doing... go read.... http://www.oilempire.us/remote.html

Ad : do u want your ppl to kill ppl?

Tanvir: http://www.oilempire.us/movies.html

Ad : i asked a question

Tanvir: But are we killing.... or YOU????
Tanvir: ????

Ad : we created it, but do you want it to exisit?
Ad : do u want your ppl to bomb the US and Israel?

Tanvir: No.... but are that really OUR people who are bombing US and Israel....????? ever thought of that?????
Tanvir: ?????

Ad : they are a bad part of you
Ad : you can blame us for making them do it, but they are part of you
Ad : not everyone is like that
Ad : a small bad part

Tanvir: When i did research on 9/11 and london 7/7.... my dear i dont think so that they are part of US.... they are part of YOU.....
Tanvir: Go read some.... that will open your eyes....

Ad : they are part of you living is other countries

Tanvir: they are part of YOU..... naming them as us..... or putting a show in media.... wont help for long.....

Ad : where are they from, what religon are they, in whos name are they doing it?

Tanvir: They dont have any religion... dear .... their religion is only MONEY.... like BUSH......

Ad : they are part of your nation gone bad, we have many of them 2
Ad : they don't bomb for money
Ad : lets put aside our argument for a second
Ad : do u want them to do it?
Ad : do u think it;s right?
Ad : just answer

Tanvir: No....simple..... but is it that simple....
Tanvir: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/priceofyourchild.html
Tanvir: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/fiveisraelis.html

Ad : that prime minister was a jerk
Ad : you can't listen what he says
Ad : it not what the ppl think
Ad : but anyway, if you think it's wrong why aren't you doing anything about it?

Tanvir: We are doing what we can.... why are you not doing any thing... you got all the power and money......

Tanvir: Army Planning for 4 More Years in Iraq
Posted Aug 20, 2005 08:27 PM PST
Category: IRAQ

There were no WMDs.

Iraq was not aiding Al Qaeda.

Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11.

Saddam is in jail.

The Iraqi people do not want want the US there.

So, why stay another four days, let alone four years?

Ad : if i was president i would do many things
Ad : but bush is a ass
Ad : thats why we're not doing anything
Ad : if i had power things would be different

Tanvir: You wont live a day my dear... if try to go against your army generals.....

Ad : i know, thats why i'm not
Ad : but why isn't the gov of pakistan doing anything?

Tanvir: http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=CHO20050801...

Tanvir: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/london_exercise_video.html
Tanvir: we dont have power.....

Ad : you have many ppl
Ad : if you would gather you can do stuff

Tanvir: Compare... our population with yours.... you should do something before us......
Tanvir: http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/london_mossad.html

Ad : you have many more ppl in many more countries, you should unite against terror
Ad : if it was up to me the US would stop all terror

Tanvir: http://www.livejournal.com/users/mparent7777/881282.html

Ad : i got the point, stop sending articles

Tanvir: That is really a joke ... when you living in a same country cant unite.. how can we unite people living in other countries....
Tanvir: Okay ... one last one.... http://melbourne.indymedia.org/news/2004/07/74269.php

Ad : europe has a union, you should have the same to fight terror
Ad : all countried should get 2gether to fight terror

Tanvir: Okay are you with US.... to fight terror.... ????? but please stop making them....... first......

Ad : if it was up to me the US would unite with all countries and stop terror
Ad : but i have no power in the US
Ad : i'm not the president
Ad : i can't control what bush does

Tanvir: You could have vote him out... did you do that????
Tanvir: ???

Ad : i voted for him becuase he was better than karry, bot becuase i liked him
Ad : not*
Ad : karry would be worse

Tanvir: Again... if you and millions voted for him for any reason... you are now party .... what he is doing.....
Tanvir: then find a good one.....

Ad : there is no good condidiate

Tanvir: Whre are good ones gone....????
Tanvir: ????

Ad : i dunno

Tanvir: Killed i guess.....

Ad : i wish there was someone good to vote for

Tanvir: Like JFK......
Tanvir: Hope you do go and read all that articles.... that will hopefully open your eyes against muslims..... take care... got to go now.....
Tanvir: Those articles....

Ad : i'm not against muslims, i'm about some of them and their ways
Ad : cya

Tanvir: Yeh... the same.... i am also against some of you.... not all of you.... Bye.....

Ad : cya

Tanvir: No hard feelings i guess.....

Ad : nopr
Ad : nope*

I wanted You all to read it and see what role media played in brain washing us all. We need to research on Internet and try to find the real truth.