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1341    water-dog (Noun)
سگ آبی۔ پن کتا۔ پن کوکر
1342    figure (verb)
ڈول بننا۔ مورت گھڑنا۔ صورت بنانا
1343    dun (Noun)
    1. one who duns
دستکی۔ کھل اپاڑ۔ متقاضی۔ تقاضا گیر۔ طلب کرنے والا
    2. an urgent request of payment
اگاہی۔ تقاضا۔ مطالبہ۔ سخت تقاضا
1344    seemly (adjective)
دیداور۔ زیبا۔ خوش نما۔ سزا وار۔ مناسب۔ موزوں۔ دکھنوٹ
1345    whisker (Noun)
گل مچھیں
بلی وغیرہ کی موچھیں
1346    eyre (Noun)
دائر سائر کی کچہری
1347    bi-crural (adjective)
دو ٹنگا ۔ دو پایہ
1348    dizziness (Noun)
دوران سر۔ گھمیری۔ سر پھرنا
1349    returnless (adjective)
لاحاصل۔ بے منافع کا۔
1350    middling (adjective)
میانہ۔ اوسط درجے کا۔ متوسط۔ راسی۔ خاصا




try searching "mutation" in full text

do u want mutation's meaning or defination or wht ???? i can help u if u'll describe me tht actually wht u want ?? oki bye

u need meaning or defination or wht ???......4 mutation??? i can help u if u'll describe it :)

website is working is quite good.pls tell me the meanings of
" nuts "

nuts are seeds ... peanuts, cashew nuts etc;
it may be used call people who are acting funny and crazy as this people are "nuts"

Just type "nut" in the search box to find the meaning in Urdu!

Hello, Weldone, good work to support Urdu Speakers.
What i have observed is, that when i tried to search meanings of any English word with any empty space at the end or begining or word. Site did not search but says no result found.
Please note being a developer I suggest to apply TRUNCATE function to trim all empty spaces before you actually search the database.
This is just a suggestion. Hope this will work and bring your work up in performance.

Saqib Ahmad

trim(searchstring) added to fix empty space problem. thanks.

ravi means sun