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عمران سیریز - نمبر ۳۳


link please .. i cannot find it

link please .. i cannot find it


mazay ki kahnian

Why Hasn't anyone shared http://www.oneurdu.com/1000/ yet, thay have uploaded many of IbneSafi's Imran Series novels n thay are adding more n more novels almost every day.

It's a great work thay're putting up, you guyz should go check it out. Encourage them, Support them.


And Miss Blackqueen:

You were very kind to me about a year ago when I asked for all the novels you have and you sent me DhuveN ki Tehreer n SanpoN k Shikari and I was very grateful to you for that. Though I have all the novels available at oneurdu.com,  but since you are the most famous and hittest chatter on urduseek.com, I again ask u to pour your kindness on me once again and send me all the novels you got on your computer at my email address     tayyub[at]gmail.com    (Please change [at] with @)


hi all i have a huge collection of imran 112 novel and faridi's 80 novel in PDF format

i newly join this site. i am big fan of Ibne safi Novel.
can any boudy please send me some novel in PDF formate
on ubed7@rediffmail.com

I want to read your collections of ibn-e-safi.


i found a great Urdu novels collection over here Check this out http://www.urdurasala.com/

I am a fan of IBN-E-SAFI.

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