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Aabid    عابد
(Aabid) Worshipper, (Suitable combination) Muhammad Aabid Aabid-ur-Rahmaan.
Aabidah    عابدہ
Aabirah    عابرہ
Presser by, fragrant.
Aadam    آدم
The first prophet of Allah, and first human being sent to the earth.
Aadil    عادل
Upright, sincere, Just, attribute of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him).
Aafrin    آفرین
(Persian), Appreciation.
Aaisha    عائشه
Beloved wife of the prophet of Allah. Meaning,Well living woman.
Aakifah    عاکفه
A lady who worships Allah in solitude.
Aali    عالی
(Aalee) Sublime, high.
Aaliah    عالیه
Sublime , high woman.
Aalim    عالِم
Scholar, knowing.
Aalimah    عالمه
Woman scholar
Aamil    عامل
Doer, work man.
Aamilah    عامله
A woman, doing good deeds.
Aamina    آمنه       (Aabid )
Secured ,safe woman, the mother of the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him)
Aamir    عامر       (Aadil )
Inhabited, populous, full, filled up, cultivated (of land), civilized, flourishing prosperous.
Aamirah    عامرہ       (Aalam )
A woman inhabitig in a place.
Aanisah    آنسه
Young lady, virgin, unmarried or chaste woman, intact, maiden, friendly.
Aaqib    عاقب       (Aalim )
Suckered, follower.
Aaqil    عاقل       (Aamil )

1-20 of 171


can anyone suggest me the name of my doughter as SAARAH NIGAAR.
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Dear All
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