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Fakeeaha    فکیه
Cheerful, amusing, happy, humorous.
Fakhitah    فاخته
A dove, a ringed turtledove, the name of a Sahabiyyah.
Fakhr    فخر
Glory, pride, a thing to be proud of.
Fakhr    فخر
Pride, a thing to be proud of, suitable name, Fakhmn-nisan’.
Faoz    فوز
Success, victory, advantage, gain, salvation
Faoz    فوز
Success, victory, advantage, gain, salvation
Faqeeh    فقیه
One well versed in religious laws, jurist.
Faraasat    فراست
Perception, discernment, sagacity, understanding, insight.
Faraaz    فراز
(Persian) Ascent, height, elevation. adj. High, aloft, exalted, lofty, exalting, elevating, ascend.
Farah    فرح
Joy, gladness, cheerfulness
Fareed    فرید
Unique, precious, having no equal, incomparable.
Fareedah    فریدہ
Unique, precious, having no equal, incomparable.
Farhan    فرحان
Glad, joyful.
Farhanah    فرحانه
Glad, joyful
Farhat    فرحت
Delight, pleasure, joy, cheerfulness, amusement, recreation, diversion.
Farihah    فرحیه
Happy, pleased
Farkhandah    فرخندہ
(Persian), Happy, fortunate.
Farooq    فاروق
One who distinguishes between right and wrong, the title of Hazrat Umar, the second cailph of Islam.
Farqad    فرقد
Name of a star, name of a scholar.
Farrukh    فرخ
Happy, fortunate, auspicious, beautiful.

21-40 of 62


I'm surprised that Zafir didn't make your list (victorious).

I need to know the meaning of the Arabic name


Inaaya: Gift of Allah
Alaynah: Peaceful, Serene or name of an iranian princes, in french meaning is beautiful
Sumairah: A queen's name, meaning brownish
AAKEEFA: Devoted, dedicated. A lady who worships Allah in solitude.

Aslam-o-alekum does any oone know here what is meaning of veshan ..

A companion of Prophet SAW

arhaan is a male name with Aborigine origins.

Anamezing's Meaning of the name arhaan
Meaning of the name arhaan: ruler

amman is concluded from amn, amn means peace, and ahmad means, well praised in the world

What do the names Imraz & Shayana mean?

Thank you! I need a quick response pls!! :)

Shayana mean beauty or prettiness, but imraz with this name oppose, often meaning energetic in verstility of life

does anyone know the who zareenah was and what made her a sahabiyah?? please and thank you!!