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Fakeeaha    فکیه
Cheerful, amusing, happy, humorous.
Fakhitah    فاخته
A dove, a ringed turtledove, the name of a Sahabiyyah.
Fakhr    فخر
Glory, pride, a thing to be proud of.
Fakhr    فخر
Pride, a thing to be proud of, suitable name, Fakhmn-nisan’.
Faoz    فوز
Success, victory, advantage, gain, salvation
Faoz    فوز
Success, victory, advantage, gain, salvation
Faqeeh    فقیه
One well versed in religious laws, jurist.
Faraasat    فراست
Perception, discernment, sagacity, understanding, insight.
Faraaz    فراز
(Persian) Ascent, height, elevation. adj. High, aloft, exalted, lofty, exalting, elevating, ascend.
Farah    فرح
Joy, gladness, cheerfulness
Fareed    فرید
Unique, precious, having no equal, incomparable.
Fareedah    فریدہ
Unique, precious, having no equal, incomparable.
Farhan    فرحان
Glad, joyful.
Farhanah    فرحانه
Glad, joyful
Farhat    فرحت
Delight, pleasure, joy, cheerfulness, amusement, recreation, diversion.
Farihah    فرحیه
Happy, pleased
Farkhandah    فرخندہ
(Persian), Happy, fortunate.
Farooq    فاروق
One who distinguishes between right and wrong, the title of Hazrat Umar, the second cailph of Islam.
Farqad    فرقد
Name of a star, name of a scholar.
Farrukh    فرخ
Happy, fortunate, auspicious, beautiful.

21-40 of 62


Any one knows the meaning of Simal?

basheer ahamed? wraite meaning pls

Meaning of Bashir is: Bringer of glad tidings.

plz can anybody tell me the meaning of name "SANNIA" ??

spelling is Saniyah , & it mean resplendence , Brilliance

can anyone tell me the name of "AASHMEENA"

Meaning of Imran is: A Prophet's name.

Can anyone tell me the name of Shamraiz

assalamu alaikkum... My husband is a revert and we are trying to decide on baby names. As we do not want to displease people or cause any animosity towards our baby with something like a name we would like to choose a neutral name that both sides of the family will like and respect and that we like too.

Can anyone please help me with some ideas of boy and girl names that can pass as European names as well.


it can be < Safoorah > meaning is: Wife of Prophet Musa (A.S).
it should be sound both moms & dads name,

Shukran safoorah