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Ghunaim    غنیم
Name of a Sahbabi.
Gohar    گوھر
(Persian), Diamond, precious stone.
Gohar    گوھر
(Persian) Diamond, precious stone.
Gul-e-Ranaa    گل رعنا
(,Persian), A beautiful delicate scented rose.
Gul-e-Ranaa    گل رعنا
(Persian), A beautiful flower.
Gulaab    گلاب
(Persian) Rose.
Gulfaam    گلفام
(Persian), Red colored, rosy faced.
Gulshan    گلشن
(Persian), A rose or flower garden.
Gulshan    گلشن
(Persian), A rose or flower garden.
Gulzaar    گلزار
(Persian), A bed of roses, a garden, a well populated town.
Gutaif    غُطیف
A well of a person, well to do.

21-31 of 31


assalamu alaikkum..can any body plz tell me what is the meaning for the name jibarn plz tell me 03452173041


The meaning of Jibran is result, value, ransom; There was a famous philosopher,writer of Lebanon named Kahlil Jibran.

Hope this helps,

May Allah's blessings be with you.

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I want the meaning of name "HANISH" could anyone please tell me the meaning of hanish

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Does anyone know the meaning of "Qamarriyah"?



Dear Friends ,
Please be invited latest meaningful names for my babies( both sex )
Thank you for corporation.

I want to the meaning of suhana, eshana, isra & simra....
Can YOU tell me, Is this ISLAMIC name or NOT...???
I'll be very thnk full