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Haabeel    ھابیل
Name of the son of Hazrat Aadam (Adam)
Haadi    ھادی
A director, a leader, a guide.
Haadiyah    ھادیه
A director, a leader, a guide.
Haafizah    حافظہ
Having a good memory, one who knows the whole Quran by heart.
Haafizh    حافظ
(Haafiz), A guardian, a governor, preserver, protector, the preserver of all things, God, having a good memory, one who knows the whole Quran by heart.
Haajib    حاجب
Doorkeeper, chamberlain, eyebrow.
Haajirah    حاجرہ
The wife of Hazrat Ibrahim, peace be upon him.
Haalah    ھاله
A crescent shaped ear-ring, name of the sister of Hazrat Khadija tul Kubraa (RA).
Haami    حامی
A protector, a patron, helper, supporter, defender.
Haamid    حامد
One who praises.
Haamidah    حمیدہ
One who praises.
Haani    ھانی
Pleasant, name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Haarisah    حارثه
Guard, protector.
Haarith    حارث
(Haaris), Farmer, name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Haarithah    حارثة
Name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr.
Haaroon    ھارون
Name of the prophet of Allah, his English equivalent is Aaron.
Haashim    ھاشم
A crusher, breaker.
Haashimi    ھاشمی
A person who belongs to an Arab tribe, Bani Hashim.
Haatib    حاطب
A person who collects wood, name of a Sahabi who participated in the battle of Badr, He was the messenger of the Holy prophet (peace be upon him) to the ruler of Egypt.
Haazim    حازم
Precautious, Name of a Sahabi.

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I have a baby girl but unable to decide her name plz help me in deciding a unique muslim name.What is the meaning of 'Aliya Tabassum'?

I will be grateful if any body can tell me the meaning of the name HINA. JazakAllah

Assalaam alaikum
Actually the spelling is " HINAA"
it means
The Indian privet, a shrub, the leaves of which are used for dyeing the hands, feet and hair.

dua ki guzarish
Allah Haafiz

please tell me the meaning of these Arabic names :

plz i am very much needed to know these names meaning .. .. ..

I have found the meaning of the following names

Tanvir actual spelling "TANWEER" means luminating, enlightening, illumination

Sadia actual spelling "SADIYAH" means Blessed, Title of the lady who had breast fed Rasoolullah (sallallahu alaihe wasallam) Full name, Halimah Sa’diah.

and as far as Suny is concerned i think thats an English Words which means abounding in sunshine: a sunny day.
exposed to, lighted, or warmed by the direct rays of the sun: a sunny room.
pertaining to or proceeding from the sun; solar.
resembling the sun.
cheery, cheerful, or joyous: a sunny disposition

Allaah Haafiz

My Name Is Ahmyia Its Muslim And My Grandmother Has A Book Of What My Name Means But I Cant Find It Can You Tell ME What It Means Please!? And Ahmeda For My Sister?

I want exact meaning and name of origin for this name "Azwa".

Thank You

i'm about to have a baby girl and i oick a name for her I' going to name her Ka'Na i was told that her name mean powerful but i wanted to know was it another meaning to it cause i was also told by the same person that it was not a muslim name but i was told that it was a muslim name to.

i have a baby girl and im so confused in deciding her name..
plz help me with meaningful,cute and unique muslim name

assalamu alaikum,
I'm finding the meaning for the name shamiq for my little boy. plese kindly help me with this. i was really worrying about it now because so far i didn't find the meaning for it even after trying in lot of muslim names websites. hope you can help me with this. thanks a lot. looking forward for a good reply.

best regrds,
zenath siraj..