Ibne Safi جڑوں کی تلاش - ابن صفی

عمران سیریز - نمبر ۳۳


I want to congratulate MR.ASIM HISAM for his book JARON KI TALASH.
I also appreciate his efforts and time for writing this book of a great writer of URDU language. I request him to continue and keep up this good work to pay gratitute to IBNE SAFI. Please also provide your email so that we can directly communicate with you. Thanks.

I think its great that someone finally got the courage to bring Ibn-e-safi on the internet. He used to have an official website which is gone and now I am wondering if anyone has kept the administrator's contact info from that website. I have been wondering about starting Ibn-e-Safi's fan club but am hesitant to do so because of any copy right issues on his books and other material. So, if you know someone I can speak to, please contact me.

I can be contacted at khan_sahib@hotmail.com for any literature or material related to ibn-e-safi.

Great work from MR.ASIF HISAM for his Ibne Safi book. Infact i am one of the greatest fans of Ibne Safi books, specially Imran Series. I hope more books will follow. Can i have email address of him?

i m very happy to see the ibne safi novel on internet and very thankful to u mr asim hisam for this great job and i hope u will bring more novels on net.I live in usa and its very hard to find these novel here

i cant thank enough the person who posted this novel may ALLAH BLESS u
p.s plz post more novels hehe

I am also a fan of ibn-e-safi ..... i am thinking about developing a website abt ibn safi ... i want you guys opinion on this aif this effort will be worthwhile ....

thanks aur salam ...




میں بھی ابن صفی کا فین ہوں۔ میں ان پر ایک ویب سائٹ بنانا چاہ رہا ہوں۔ اس سلسلے میں آپ لوگوں کا مشورہ مطلوب ہے




Dear Shariq,

Today I browse the net for Ibne Safi and astonised to find link on Ibne Safi actually I was sure that there was no site or link on Ibne Safi. I am also a great admirare of Ibne Safi. Website of great writer is itself a great idea, you should work on it. This is a better way to tribute to such a great mystery urdu writer. Kindly do it at your earliest, as I and many like me are waiting such site.

Your sincerely,

zaroor shariq bhaiyeh bohabaraa ihsaan ho ga ibn safi kayfans par

Dear Shariq,

I think its a great idea, a website on ibn e safi, I am sure a person of his caliber deserves a website dedicated to him. I am a great fan of him and would love to contribute in any such project, so go ahead, I am sure there are thousands of people who would love to contribute for it.