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1201    ark (Noun)
نوح کی کشتی
1202    counteraction (Noun)
روک ۔ کاٹ ۔ توڑ ۔ مقابلہ ۔ اختلاف ۔ مزاحمت
1203    hovel (verb active)
کھڑک میں بند کرنا
1204    hammer (verb active)
    1. beat with a hammer
ٹھوکنا۔ گھڑنا۔ ہتھوڑے سے کوٹنا یا پیٹنا
    2. forge with a hammer
گھڑنا۔ شکل بنانا
    3. work in the mind
دل سے بنانا۔ گھڑنا۔ سوچنا۔ بچارنا۔ تجویز کرنا
1205    refrigeration (Noun)
تسکین حرارت۔ ٹھنڈک۔ (خنک سازی۔ تبرید)
1206    renovator (Noun)
مجدد۔ درست کرنے والا۔ تجدید کار۔
1207    tameness (Noun)
بزدلی۔ نامردی۔ اطاعت۔ مسکینی۔ دست آموزی۔ بے لطفی۔ پھیکا پن
1208    ravenous (adjective)
خونخوار۔ درندہ۔ پھاڑ کھاؤ۔ مردم خور۔ (حریص۔ لٹیرا۔ غارت گر)
1209    unsettled (adjective)
نامقرر۔ غیر معین۔ بے قرار۔ متزلزل۔ بے بندوبست۔ بے نظم و نسق۔ غیر مشخص۔ نا پائیدار۔ تغیر پزیر۔ غیر آباد
1210    lavishly (adverb)
فضول خرچی سے۔ بہ اسراف۔ بےاندازہ۔ بہت افراط سے



Asslamo Alaikum Aysha
Capitalism in urdu we translate it as SarMayaDaree Nazaaam.
Hope this will help.

hi ayesha
اسلام علیکم
capitalism in urdu "sarmayadari"سرمایه دارى


you both r wrong... shab... mean night...and nam.. mean mosture..or nami......

HI Dear.

Sabnum Means the water which precipitates during the night and in urdu sabnum has another name Oos.

Your difinition is correct.

I wanna know the meaning of my name. I didn't find it in this website please if any body knows then help me.(My name is RAHEEL)

Raheel in a Persian dictionary is described as Arabic, Hebrew Feminine, meaning Rachel- one of the female characters in the Old Testment [ Injeel].
Another meaning of Raheel relates to its root Rahlat- Journey or Safar, Hence one of the biggest journey we make in our lives is to move from this world to the hereafter - Rahlat. Another meaning, though related to this one, is Raheelah- a term related to Caravan- travelling together for safety; and Raheel is one who is travelling together- Ham Safar.
Kamraan-i- Safar [ Happy and Successful Safar]
Khuda Hafiz.


Meaning of raheel is (Safar ker ne wala )or (kooch ker ne wala)

Could anyone please send me formal Urdu equivalents of:

A. wildlife sanctuary
B. wetland
C. plateau:

a. Iran Plateau
b. Baluchistan Plateau
c. Potwar Plateau

D. desert:

a. Sandy Desert
b. Kachhi Desert
c. Thar Desert

E. cave:

a. Pir Ghaib Cave
b. Rakhiot Cave

F. Names of several mountain peaks:

a. Baintha Brakk
b. Dramkan
c. Gasherbrum

I can read Urdu script. I need the Urdu versions of the above geographical terms/toponyms for a planned publication on South Asian geographical terms (State Scientific Publishers, Warsaw, Poland).

Thanking you in advance,

Artur Karp,



PLateau_ satah-e-murtafa



If you have a School Atlas at hand could you please check for me what's the Urdu equivalent of "Iran Plateau"?

"Sandy Desert" (in Baluchistan)?

"Gasherbrum Peak" (in Karakorum Mountains)?

I have already found "wetland" (aabgaah). But - how to translate "wildlife sanctuary"? Would it possibly be: janglii hayaat panaah gaah? Could you please check in some English-Urdu dictionary?


Artur K.