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1301    butler (Noun)
خانساماں ۔ بھنڈاری ۔ رکاب دار ۔ بتریل (Cor.)
1302    glandule (Noun)
چھوٹی گلٹی یا گانٹھ
1303    hire (verb active)
    1. procure from another person
کرایہ لینا یا دینا۔ بھاڑے لینا۔ کرایہ کرنا
    2. engage in service
اجرت یامحنتانہ پر رکھنا
1304    entombment (Noun)
تجہیزوتکفین۔ گور گڑھا
1305    material (adjective)
    1. see bodily
مادی۔ مجسم
    2. relating to the bodily wants
دیہ سمبندھی
    3. important
مقدم۔ اوش۔ (اہم۔ ضروری)
    4. (Logic)
1306    wonder-worker (Noun)
معجزہ یا عجیب کام کرنے والا
1307    promisuousness (Noun)
ابتری۔ بے ترتیبی۔ گھال میل۔ آمیزش۔
1308    desiccate (verb)
سوکھنا۔ خشک ہونا۔ جذب ہونا
1309    laconic, laconical (adjective)
مختصر۔ کوتاہ۔ چھوٹا۔ پرمغز۔ پرمعنی۔ قلا ودلا۔ نپا تلا۔ اختصار پسند
1310    aviator (Noun)
طیارچی ۔طیارہ باز ۔ ہوا باز



Bhooloon ga agar tujay tou ji na paoon ga
yaad bhi rakhaa agar tou mar jaoon ga

The translation is: If I will forget you, I will not survive, or I will not be able to live - and if I will remember you or I will not forget you, I will die

I Wud Like To appreciate all those guys They Are Doing things Benifitiall For Urdu language... I'm Fond off typing urdu in Chat messangers... If Any One Have Idea Plz Reply me On Y Email Address

کیا ھو رہا ہے
hello Girls and Guys Saalaam. Can anyone tell me if there is an free programm that i can download for typing in urdu?
thanks, aisie ache kaam karte raheina...urdu ko zinda rehne do

if u have windows xp add urdu from control panel "regional and language option". install latest version of office 2003 you can type urdu in MSWord.
u can use on screen keyboard to type urdu easly.

1)Can anyone define "ion" in Urdu - detailed reply will be appreciated.
2)How is it functioning & effecting our daily life?
what i understand from it is.. its an atom that has acquired a net electric charge by gaining or losing one or more electrons.... but i do not know how does it effect our daily life-- possitively or negatively???
Pls. reply in urdr for better understanding..
pls. post yr reply either here or e-mail me back at

ra and my cousin have translated the titles of the harry potter books into really good urdu: (ie unlike the real versions of hp books that r like "hari putter aur paras pathar")
Sang-e-saahir: sorcerer's stone
chamber of secrets: daalaan-e-asraar
prisoner of azkaban: aseer-e-azkabaan
goblet of fire: aatish baadiyah
order of the phoenix: anjuman-e-quqnus
half blood prince: nisf lahu ameer
we are also planning to translate other stuff like for example the names of all the classes....
cud someone help me with the following:
Potions (ustad Snape)
Charms (ustad flitwick)
divination (ustad trelawney)
ancient runes (hermione's extra class inthe 3rd yr)
history of magic (ustad binns)
defense against the dark arts (ustad firenze)
care of magical creatures (ustad hagrid)
herbology (ustad sprout)
astronomy (ustad sinistra)
triwizard cup
ministry of magic
owl post
forbidden forest
death eaters
dark lord (mark)
daily prophet
house elf

Wow You have got plenty of time!!! Well done!!!

Can some one tell me what tatri is called in english

tartaric acid