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1251    abbey
1252    hurricane (Noun)
بڑی بھاری آندھی۔ طوفان۔ طوفان باد و باراں
1253    prolongable (adjective)
امتدادپزیر۔ طوالت پزیر۔ قابل طوالت۔ توسیع پزیر۔ قالب درازی۔
1254    aorist (Noun)
مضارع ۔ لنگ لکار ۔ آدیس
1255    frolic (Noun)
    1. a wild frank
مستی۔ دل لگی
    2. a merry making
کھیل۔ شوخی۔ طنازی۔ ناچ کود۔ اچھل کود۔ کلیل
1256    Minerva (Noun)
سرسوتی۔ بدیا دیوی۔ (علم ودانش کی دیوی)
1257    successfulness (Noun)
کامیابی۔ مقصدوری۔
1258    gash (verb active)
گہرا گھاؤ کرنا۔ زخم کاری کرنا۔ غار کرنا
1259    musician (Noun)
گاین۔ کلاونت۔ مغنی۔ سازندہ۔ مُطرب۔ بجنتری۔ سارنگیا۔ ساماچی۔ (موسیقی دان۔ ماہر موسیقی۔ گویا)
1260    analytic, analytical (adjective)
تشریحی ۔ تفریقی ۔ بھنجن سہت
    analytical geometry
بتاتی لکیر ناپ ۔ گہری گنتی ناپ ۔ بیج گنت ناپ



hello muje ye 3 tarah ki dictionaries darkar hein
urdu to urdu, and english to urdu, and urdu to english dictionary
plz inform me how can i get these sictionaries on internet

can some one advise me what is the meaning of Alphalfa or Alfalfa. this is a plant for sure but which one?
if some one also tell how to seed it in my bird avairy, it will be great help

Alfalfa is a crop used as hay for animals. In other words it is a fodder crop.

this is a good site i'm getting a lot of help by it. But i have some problems in understanding french so can anybody tell me about any site from french to urdu or urdu to french. i really need it. i'll be very thankful.
Allah hafiz

Translate first from urdu to english then go to
and translate the english to french

Waalaykum Assalam,
i think it will be difficult, that there is any web site from french to urdu or urdu to french but i have some web sites where you can translate from english to french and from french to english .
may be these sites can do help u ! ALLAH Hafiz.

can anybody tell me the meaning of "breathalyser" plz
Allah hafiz

A device that measures chemicals (especially the alcohol content) in a person's expired breath

in street ternsm its an instrument that tests your blood alcohol level through your breath.

Its is a trademark of manufacture for a device that tests exhaled breath to indicate the amount of alcohol in the body or blood