During the early years of the 8th century A.D., men of Sind's Brahmin tyrant, Raja Dahir had intercepted some Arab navigation from Ceylone. They had confiscated the merchandise and enslaved Muslim families. Al-Hajjaj sent his son-in-law, Muhammad ibn al-Qasim, with an army consisting of 1,000 horse and about the same number of camel-borne troops, altogether not more than 6,000 Mujahideen.

Young Muhammad was, however, a fine military commander and possessed high ability of fighting. He came by land capturing Mekran on the way and pushing through the already conquered Baluchistan. He attacked Debal, the capital of Raja Dahir's kingdom and crushed the enemy in 712. The Raja fled and Muslim families freed. Muhammad ibn al-Qasim then followed the Raja and came up with him near Nirun (now known as Hyderabad). The Raja had assembled a large army of 50,000 strong men to check the advance of Muhammad. Mujahideen defeated the enemy and the Raja fell in the battle. The whole Sind was now conquered but Muhammad did not stop there. He fought another battle at Brahamanabad, pushed upto lower Punjab and reached Multan. Here too he was victorious. His generous treatment and devotion won the hearts of the locals. Thus Muhammad laid the foundation of Muslim Empire in sub-continent. ۔


I like Muslim's histories and Muslim's heroes.

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Muhammad bin Qasim, after the conquest of Sind, came to Multan in 92-94 AH/ 711-713 AD. Here he erected a Jami Masjid and minarets. He appointed Amir Daud Nasr, son of Walid Ummani, its Governor. Then Muhammad bin Qaim proceeded to the boundry of Kashmir called the Panj Mahiyat, at the upper course of Jhelum, just after it debouches into the plains. This is about the time of the caliphate of Walid-I (86-96 AH/ 705-715 AD). It was because of this expected attack of Arabs that Raja Chandra-Ped of Kashmir sought help from Chinese ruler, which he could not obtain.assignment help | Finance assignment

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A fine military commander and possessed high ability of fighting. He came by land capturing Mekran on the way and pushing through money site

The entire Sind was pronto conquered nevertheless Muhammad did negative restrain there. He fought second affray at Brahamanabad, pushed upto dip Punjab further reached Multan. essay warriors

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