On September 6, Major Raja Aziz Bhatti was commanding a company in the Burki area of the Lahore Sector. Although two of his platoons were located on the home bank of the BRB canal, he choose to move with the forward platoon. The enemy launched incessant attacks from September 7 with the full weight of his artillery and armour. But Major Bhatti and his men held on and continued to fight with grim determination. On the night between September 9 and 10, the enemy mounted a major attack all along the sector, throwing a whole battalion against Major Bhatti's .platoon۔




In view of the situation, Major Bhatti was ordered to pull back to the home bank of the canal. When he fought back his way to the ferry site with his last platoon, he found the enemy in occupation of the site. Here he led his men in a fierce charge and threw the enemy out of the area. He covered the withdrawal of his men and vehicles and was the last to leave the enemy bank. Back on the home bank, Major Bhatti organised his company to defend the canal. Undaunted by constant fire from enemy small arms, tanks and artillery, he continued to face the onslaught, directing his men to answer the fire. In the process, he received a direct hit on his left shoulder from an enemy tank shell which killed him on spot. Major Raja Aziz Bhatti Shaheed had fought fearlessly and with valour for which he was awarded Nishan-e-Haider. ۔


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